Hydrow Has The Best Black Friday Rowing Machine Deal (But There Are Cheaper Options Available)

Hydrow rowing machine
The writer testing the Hydrow rowing machine (Image credit: Future)

In our eyes, Hydrow is offering the best Black Friday rowing machine deal of 2022. Not only has the brand slashed the price of its original Hydrow Rower by $500/£400, but it has also taken a healthy $150/£125 off the cost of the new Hydrow Wave (a smaller, more affordable alternative to its inaugural machine). 

We’ve come to that decision after testing both Hydrow rowers and many other indoor rowing machines, then gathering all the Black Friday deals. In the UK, some of the best rowing machines from Echelon, JTX Fitness and others have also been put on sale, with top models available from just £299. There are also great options in the US, including a rare Ergatta Rower deal at Best Buy.

Below you’ll find the Hydrow deals, why we rate Hydrow so highly, then more Black Friday rowing machine deals to choose from. Dive in. 

UK Hydrow Black Friday Deals

Hydrow Rower: Was £1,995Now £1,595 from Hydrow

Hydrow Rower: Was £1,995 Now £1,595 from Hydrow 

Save £400 Along with the discount, the Black Friday deal includes free shipping and a workout accessories kit (£150) consisting of a workout mat, two yoga blocks and small and large resistance bands. The sale ends 28th November or while stocks last.

Hydrow Wave: Was £1,395Now £1,270 from Hydrow

Hydrow Wave: Was £1,395 Now £1,270 from Hydrow 

Save £125 For smaller spaces, the Hydrow Wave, released this year, may be a better choice. The Wave deal also throws in the workout accessories kit and free shipping, and adds a mat (£70) for the rowing machine to sit on to protect your floors.  

US Hydrow Black Friday Deals

Hydrow Rower: Was $2,495Now $1,995 from Hydrow 

Hydrow Rower: Was $2,495 Now $1,995 from Hydrow 

Save $500 In the US, shipping is also free and the on-the-mat kit ($180) is included in the price, adding a workout mat, a pair of yoga blocks, and short and long resistance bands. 

Hydrow Wave: Was $1,695 Now $1,545 from Hydrow

Hydrow Wave: Was $1,695 Now $1,545 from Hydrow

Save $150 On top of the free shipping and on-the-mat kit that’s also included with the original Hydrow Black Friday deal, opt for the Wave and a cardio machine mat ($90) is thrown in for good measure.

Why We Recommend Hydrow

Both Hydrow models have featured on Coach’s selection of the best rowing machines, and the Hydrow review and Hydrow Wave review awarded the maximum five stars. 

I also put the Hydrow Rower and the Hydrow Wave to the test earlier this year and was quickly won over, too. 

The Hydrow uses computer-controlled electromagnetic resistance to mimic the feeling of rowing on water and it’s also considerably quieter than air rowers such as the ever-popular Concept 2. The machine looks sleek and is sturdily built, while the seat glides up and down the rail. 

However, it’s the immersive connected workouts that really sets the Hydrow apart from the competition. You have to pay a monthly membership fee ($39/£38 a month), but that grants you access to thousands (more than 4,300, at the time of testing) of engaging workouts, all displayed on the 22in HD touchscreen. 

While Peloton classes transport you to a studio with bright lights and (very) enthusiastic instructors, Hydrow takes you on-board the boats of decorated athletes, former Olympians and knowledgeable coaches as they traverse some of the world’s most beautiful waterways. I found this approach was a breath of fresh air. With my headphones in, it was easy to forget my surroundings and enjoy rowing across Scotland’s Loch Ness. 

Introductory videos also help to teach beginners proper rowing technique, and cues from the coaches help to fine-tune your form. There are also off-rower workouts which include yoga and Pilates sessions, functional strength training and more.

My only qualms were the high price and considerable dimensions. However, Hydrow addressed both points with the release of the Hydrow Wave – a smaller, more affordable alternative to its original rower. 

The Wave offers the same high-end performance and uses the same app as its older brother, with the only noticeable difference being the smaller 16in display. It is shorter, but I'm 6ft 2in and the rail was still long enough for me to fully extend my legs at the finish of each stroke, and the electromagnetic resistance was just as smooth and silent. 

If you’re after an engaging home exercise machine, I can’t recommend Hydrow rowing machines enough – particularly now they’re down in price. 

More UK Rowing Machine Deals

Echelon Row Smart Home Rowing Machine: Was: £949Now £749 from Echelon

Echelon Row Smart Home Rowing Machine: Was: £949 Now £749 from Echelon 

Save £200 Echelon specialises in creating good quality smart fitness tech without the lofty price tags of their rivals, and this rowing machine is another masterstroke (pun intended). We awarded it a near perfect four-and-a-half star review for its foldable design and the enjoyable, beginner-friendly workouts available on the Echelon Fit app via your phone or tablet. Now, it’s more affordable than ever thanks to a 25% Black Friday discount. 

JLL R200:Was £259.99Now £220.99 from Amazon

JLL R200: Was £259.99 Now £220.99 from Amazon

Save £30 We rarely recommend a rower at this price, but our reviewer spent six months with this machine so we can confidently say it won’t fall apart after a week. It can feel a bit cheap (because it is cheap), but there’s plenty of resistance, the seat moves smoothly, it’s pretty quiet and the rail folds up. Not half bad.

JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine: Was £549Now £429 at JTX Fitness

JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine: Was £549 Now £429 at JTX Fitness

Save £120 Another entry in our best rowing machines round-up, the JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine is a more affordable alternative to popular fellow air rower, the Concept2 RowErg. Now, with its price plunged down to £429 over Black Friday, it’s less than half the price of its rival, but still offers similar self-powered performance and a sleek design. 


Aviron Impact Series Rower Was: £2,199.99 Now: £1,699.99 at Decathlon

The Aviron is the rower for non-rowers but it offers a multitude of health benefits since it's able to work your upper and lower body simultaneously while testing your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems depending on the intensity of your session. By pairing it with enjoyable games and challenges on its tablet-esque 22in touchscreen – an approach we really enjoyed when we tried it out earlier this year -- it makes for an attractive proposition. The Impact Series machine is down £500 at Decathlon. 


NordicTrack RW700 Was: £1,499 Now: £1,099 on Amazon

NordicTrack is known for making premium fitness equipment and, true to form, the RW700 is an impressive piece of kit (especially now it’s down £400 in the Amazon Black Friday sale). It has 26 levels of near-silent magnetic resistance and you can stream challenging video workouts from the iFit app on its 10-inch touchscreen. The iFit app doesn’t end with rowing sessions either, offering strength-building classes, yoga, Pilates and more so you can enjoy a varied fitness routine. 


ProForm Carbon R10 Rowing Machine Was £1,199 Now: £699 at Powerhouse Fitness

This ProForm rower shares many similarities with the NordicTrack RW700, boasting a 10-inch touchscreen, iFit app compatibility and 24 resistance settings. But, after having its cost cut by £500, it’s now almost half the price of its rival. The R10 is also foldable, so you can enjoy a living room workout then store it away when not in use. 

More US Rowing Machine Deals

Echelon Row Connected Rowing Machine: Was $999.99 Now $749.99 at Echelon

Echelon Row Connected Rowing Machine: Was $999.99 Now $749.99 at Echelon

Save $150 Echelon has cut the price of its connected machines by 25% in the UK and US, so both sides of the Atlantic can enjoy quality fitness kit for less. The Echelon Row Connected Rowing Machine is a to option for home workouts thanks to its foldable design, and despite being under $1,000 it still offers smart features thanks to it ability to link to yur phone or tablet via the Echelon Fit app. 

Ergatta Rower Was: $2,499.99Now $2,149.99 at Best Buy

Ergatta Rower Was: $2,499.99 Now $2,149.99 at Best Buy

Handcrafted from American cherrywood, the Ergatta Rower is a beautiful bit of kit. It’s cleverly designed too, with the ability to fold flat and stored upright to save floor space. We enjoyed the more realistic rowing-on-water feel when we tested it and the Ergatta platform delivers a fun, gamified take on traditional rowing workouts, with each session tailored to your fitness level. It’s rarely on sale too, so this $350 discount from Best Buy isn’t to be missed. 

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