Hydrow Launches A Cheaper Rowing Machine In The US Before The Peloton Rower Lands

Hydrow Wave rowing machine
(Image credit: Hydrow)

Peloton is expected to make waves later this year with the release of a rowing machine, but connected-fitness competitor Hydrow is stealing a march on it with the release of the Hydrow Wave in the US today (it’s due for release in the UK in autumn). 

The Hydrow Wave is smaller and lighter than the original machine and, most importantly in this economy, cheaper. Not cheap by any stretch, but at $1,495 it is $1,000 cheaper than the original Hydrow. There’s no price (or other details) for the Peloton rowing machine, so we can’t compare it with that, but it’s more expensive than the Echelon rowing machine and the undisputed best rowing machine – the Concept 2 RowErg – costs even less. While Hydrow has the advantage of a built-in screen to stream live and on-demand workouts, it requires a monthly $38/£39 subscription – something that elicits a sharp intake of breath every time we write it.

There’s no question that Hydrow makes excellent rowing machines, though. Our reviewer gave the original full marks in his Hydrow review because, although it’s expensive, the feel of rowing on it was great and the video workouts had an immersive quality that kept him coming back for more. From the scant information available, including from reviewers, we can’t discern a difference between the two Hydrow machines’ electromagnetic method of resistance and Hydrow Wave owners will have access to the same library of workouts. 

The reviewer was struck by the size of the original and how it dominated a room, so a slimmed-down version is a welcome development. Here’s how the two compare.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Hydrow WaveHydrow
Dimensions80in (L) x 19in (W) x 43in (H) / 203cm (L) x 48cm (W) x 109cm (W)86in (L) x 25in (W) x 47in (H) / 218cm (L) x 64cm (W) x 119cm (W)
Weight102lb / 46kg145lb / 66kg
Screen size16in22in

One bit of good news is that even though the Wave is shorter, it can still accommodate a rower with up to a 36in inseam, and the max user weight is the same across both machines at 375lb (170kg). Both machines can also be tipped onto their ends and hooked on a wall for secure storage, although that requires a $190 vertical wall attachment which isn’t included in the basic price.  

The Hydrow Wave is available to buy now from Hydrow and Best Buy

Jonathan Shannon
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