The Ergatta Lite Is A Connected Water Rower That’s $1,000 Cheaper Than The Original

Ergatta Lite
(Image credit: Ergatta)

The gamified fitness pioneer Ergatta has released a new rowing machine that’s smaller, lighter and, at launch, $1,000 cheaper than its predecessor. 

The Ergatta Lite is on sale in the US for $1,499 (a launch price, Ergatta quotes $1,799 as the MSRP) and offers the same 17.3in HD touchscreen and game-based platform, coupled with the gorgeous wooden-framed WaterRower machine that impressed me when testing the original Ergatta (it also won over the writer of Coach’s Ergatta review).

The move mirrors that made by Hydrow, one of the pioneers of connected rowing machines. The well-received original Hydrow rower was followed by the smaller and cheaper Hydrow Wave.

Ergatta launched the Ergatta Rower in 2020 and it quickly established itself as one of the best connected rowing machines. Central to that success was a move away from the studio classes offered by rivals such as Hydrow and Peloton, taking its cues from video games instead and essentially turning the rower into the controls.

I found my competitive side couldn’t get enough of the race mode, which allowed me to compete against up to eight other Ergatta owners.

That Ergatta uses the high-quality WaterRower, which you may recognize as Francis Underwood’s rower of choice in House Of Cards, certainly contributed to its success, too.

Ergatta Lite

(Image credit: Ergatta)

Ergatta Vs Ergatta Lite

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Row 0 - Cell 0 ErgattaErgatta Lite
Weight (without water)76.5lb (35kg)40lb (18kg)
Length86in (218cm)82in (208cm)
Height40in (101cm)38in (97cm)
Width23in (58cm)23in (58cm)

As you can see, the dimensions of the Ergatta and Ergatta Lite aren’t dramatically different (there’s a bigger difference in size between the two Hydrow models), but the Ergatta Lite is almost half the weight of the Ergatta.

I’d guess the switch from using cherry wood to sustainably-sourced oak from Appalachia is behind the dramatic difference in weight and price.

Speaking of price, the difference is not so dramatic over Black Friday, with Ergatta cutting $500 off the original’s price.

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