Under Armour Flow Dynamic Review

Under Armour has created a versatile, comfortable shoe, ideal for jumps, runs and lifts

Under Armour Flow Dynamic
(Image: © Lucy Gornall / Future)

Our Verdict

A comfortable, good-looking shoe that supports your feet through a number of movements. It’s not ideal for heavier lifts or longer runs, but it’s a brilliant in-between trainer.


  • Versatile for all workouts
  • Great for shorter runs


  • Struggles during heavier weights sessions
  • Foam sole lacks durability

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Under Armour’s Flow Dynamic has been created for the gym-goer who needs a shoe that offers support during a range of exercises. Its previous gym-floor shoe, the Tribase Reign 5, was ideal for lifts, jumps and explosive movements, but I found that it didn’t fit the bill when it came to running, so it missed out on our pick of the best gym trainers.

Now, Under Armour has created the Flow Dynamic, which promises support and stability, as well as bounce and cushioning. I was keen to try it out because I’ve found previous training shoes haven’t always allowed me to feel comfortable during both weightlifting and running. So I laced up and went to the gym for a functional workout to test every element of Under Armour’s latest design.

Under Armour Flow Dynamic: Price And Availability

The Under Armour Flow Dynamic trainer is available direct from Under Armour, in store and online, and costs $130 in the US and £115 in the UK. Compared with other functional training shoes, this is pretty standard. It’s not cheap but, if it means having to buy just one pair of trainers for many of your workouts, it could be a money saver.

Design And Fit

Under Armour Flow Dynamic

(Image credit: Lucy Gornall / Future)

As I unboxed the Flow Dynamic, I noticed the sock-like upper of the shoe that—along with the firm, cushioned heel—offers excellent support for the ankles. Initially, it was a struggle getting the shoe on. However, when I’d eventually slipped my feet inside, they weren’t budging. Wider feet may struggle with this trainer; I have quite slim feet and it fitted me perfectly.

The upper, made with Under Armour’s IntelliKnit upper, is stretchy and breathable, and my toes had space to wiggle. The one-piece Flow midsole makes this shoe comfortable to move around in; there was cushioning with every step, but not overly so, as you might find with a pair of running trainers. 

The Nike Metcon 8 is likely to be a better option if you plan on lifting heavier weights, because the sole and heels are firmer—though Metcons don’t offer the running element. I should know: I wore the Metcons during a HYROX competition and there was limited bounce during the 1km interval runs. 

The Flow Dynamic is available in four colors, so you can pick the shade that suits. I wore the Pink Elixir /White shade, a combination of a pink upper and white sole. Black, white and blue are also on offer.

I’m a fan of the shape of this shoe. It’s slim and seamless and the branding isn’t in-your-face—rather, there is just a small Under Armour logo on the back side of the shoe, as well as a subtle stamp at the back on the heel. The sole is rubberless and is made from foam, which could mean it doesn’t last as long. 

How I Tested This Shoe

I wore the Flow Dynamic for a selection of functional-style workouts. I’m an avid HYROX competitor, so a shoe that works in many settings without slipping is essential for me. From sled pulls and pushes to fast runs, rows and wall balls, an all-in-one training shoe is required for most of my gym sessions.

This isn’t a running-specific trainer, so the maximum run length I did while wearing the Flow Dynamic was just over half a mile. I also wore it for my resistance-based sessions—think barbell squats, deadlifts and other weighted exercises—as well as high-intensity workouts filled with jumps, bikes, cleans and the like.

I also wore the Flow Dynamic on a few walks to see how comfortable it is. Much like the runs, I kept these walks fairly short, walking no more than 3 miles (5km) in any one go.

Is It Good For HIIT?

The Under Armour Flow Dynamic is a great shoe for HIIT-style workouts because of a responsive sole and a supportive fit. My feet weren’t slipping around as I pushed a heavy sled on the carpeted gym track and when I performed jump lunges, there was no looseness at the back as you might find with running trainers. 

I like the spongy heel on this shoe. There’s no rubbing, which can often be a problem for me with new trainers. I also found the sides of the shoe were snug, which is ideal for HIIT workouts

Is It Good For Resistance Training?

If you plan on lifting big, heavy weights, then I would opt for a different shoe. Even Nike Metcons would be better for heavier weights thanks to a sturdier sole. However, for CrossFit-style lifts or lighter lifts generally, this shoe offers the support and stability you need. I didn’t feel my ankles or knees cave in as I hit the squat rack and I felt a good connection with the ground, which is important when you’re pushing through your heels as you come up from squats, lunges and hip thrusts

Is It Good For Running?

The Flow Dynamic has been created with some running in mind, and as an avid runner I can confirm they are comfortable for short runs. If you’re going further than a mile or two, however, I would use something for Coach’s list of the best running shoes. This is because your feet and joints will appreciate the extra cushioning of a running trainer. But if you’re hopping from treadmill to gym floor then I rate the Flow Dynamic highly.

It’s not often a training shoe is comfortable enough to run in, but Under Armour has set the bar high here. The Flow Dynamic midsole is responsive and feels good when you’re pounding a pavement/treadmill. The breathable upper is also useful; my feet didn’t feel trapped or too hot.

Is The Under Armour Flow Dynamic Worth It?

The Under Armour Flow Dynamic isn’t cheap, but if you’re someone who doesn’t want to keep swapping between trainers at the gym—as you move from weightlifting to running—this is a good shoe to own. 

I’ve worn several other training shoes, and while there is tough competition out there (I’m thinking Reebok Nano X3), the Flow Dynamic is high in the rankings. The shoe allowed me to run short distances comfortably, while also being supportive during weightlifting and plyometric movements. I also liked wearing this shoe during walks, where its breathability was evident and my feet didn’t overheat or feel clammy.

I’d recommend trying a couple of sizes in the Flow Dynamic. As with many sports brands, it can be hard to know your exact shoe size. I’m typically a UK size 6, but with Nike and Reebok training shoes I go up to a 6.5. With the Under Armour Flow Dynamic, I feel like a UK size 5.5 would have been better for me.

Lucy Gornall

Lucy is an experienced health and fitness journalist, and was formerly health editor for TI Media’s portfolio of women’s titles. Lucy qualified as a level 3 personal trainer with Train Fitness in 2016, and also holds qualifications in pre- and post-natal fitness, as well as in nutrition for exercise.