How to shave: tips and trends from Fabio Vivan

The beard has had its day. Here London Collections: Men hair stylist Fabio Vivan reveals the most popular facial hair trends for 2014 and demonstrates how you can achieve them at home.

Designer stubble

Vivan says 'This look is easy to maintain and will continue to be a popular in 2014. It suits all facial shapes but avoid it if you have inconsistent stubble growth over the neck and face.'

Get the look Let your facial hair grow for about three to four days.
Use a beard trimmer that you can set to a specific length to keep it in check.
Avoid clean lines of hair growth around your neck so it looks natural.

The goatee

Vivan says 'The goatee will make a comeback in 2014. This look is great for both chiselled, square faces and those with a rounder face, because it helps to add definition. It takes a little more time to maintain but can be done easily with an electric shaver.'

Get the look Let your facial hair grow for about seven to ten days.
Trim the outline of your goatee using a low setting on your beard trimmer to define its shape.
Finish by using your shaver or razor to clean shave the area around your goatee.
Regularly wash and maintain your goatee.

Clean shaven

Vivan says 'We saw a lot of designers use clean shaven models in their collections this season and we will see a resurgence in men sporting a clean shaven face this year. This is probably the easiest look to recreate but you’ll have to shave regularly to maintain it so keep your shaver close at hand.'

Get the look I find it easiest to use the Braun CoolTec shaver for a clean shave. It cools your skin as it cuts your hair to minimise shaving-induced heat and irritation.
Maintain the look by shaving every two to three days depending on your hair growth.

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