MF rounds up rugby boots

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1) Under Armour Hydrastrike K-Leather Pro FG

Kickers will be pleased to know this boot’s striking zone offers ample spring, meaning it powers up ambitious punts at the posts. This is thanks in part to a 4D foam insole that provides padding across all of the soft, super-waterproof leather upper. It also makes it extremely comfortable and a wider midsole reduces pressure on the metatarsals. In soft conditions mud sticks to the studs negating grip but on firm ground they work perfectly, especially for sharp changes in direction.
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2) Puma King Finale SG
The robust Puma King offers a more modest approach thanks in part to its traditional look and classic black and white aesthetic. The extra soft kangaroo leather upper provides comfort fit for a king and a well shaped heel holds the foot firmly in place. Six screw-in studs make it well suited to soft turf that cuts up easily but on firm ground they could make your foot prone to blisters.
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3) Adidas AdiZero RS7 Pro

This boot is engineered with acceleration and speed in mind. Six convenient screw-in studs combine with a further five moulded studs to form an ultra-light sprint frame that will allow you to explode off the mark and change direction with ease. TPU support bands also give you added stability so you can focus on chasing down your opponent or evading your marker.
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4) Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite

Made from ultra-light and comfy kangaroo leather, with a clever stud system and reinforced carbon chassis, the Tiempo goes a long way to justify its price. A web of nylon fibres encase the foot for a secure fit and arch support, while forefoot flex grooves allow a natural range of motion. Blades and oval studs maximise traction for every stride on firm ground, although these won’t hold up so well on soft and slippery turf.
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