The Best Hoodies For Men For 2020

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It’s hard to think of a garment that’s had a rougher ride than the hoodie. For so long seen as little more than the uniform of the elderly-terrorising youth and the go-to for the layabout no-hoper, it’d be understandable if the hooded sweatshirt threw its arms in the air and declared “I don’t need this!” before running off to live the off-grid life of a woodland recluse.

But it didn’t. The hoodie stuck it out, and now brands right across the sartorial spectrum have adopted it and transformed it into a round-the-clock cold-weather staple. From the work-ready heavyweight cotton beasts of Carhartt to corduroy head turners from Champion, we’ve collated our favourite offerings below, all ready to protect yo’ neck this winter.

Adidas Pinwheel


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Debuted way back at the 1972 Munich Olympics, the Adidas Trefoil logo – a trio of leaf shapes intended to communicate the diverse appeal of the sportswear giant – is used across the brand’s famous Originals division on heritage items like the Superstar and Stan Smith trainers. Loaded with cultural and historical significance, it’s the kind of revered relic that’s rarely meddled with. That’s precisely why we’re all over this cosy hoodie, which spins the famous symbol into a neat piece of design, on both the chest (small) and the back (huge).

Buy from Adidas | £54.95


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Given that 2020 started with the world both on fire and under water, now’s a pretty good time for us to take some responsibility for our actions. And you can start right now by making your next hoodie purchase a “good” one – buy this and support the extremely excellent 2 Minute Beach Clean charity, which gets all profits from the sale. Find out more about the charity (well worth a click).

Buy from Surfdome | £34.99


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We didn’t realise that damson purple was a colour that our wardrobe was criminally lacking, but here we are, well and truly schooled (once again) by legendary British fashion designer Paul Smith. That neat little signature logo on the chest is sitting on a nice and heavy 100% cotton jersey, dyed in a shade that was born to hang out over your trusty blue jeans, every weekend henceforth.

Buy from Paul Smith | £150 (currently reduced to £75)

Carhartt American Script


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A big chunky boy, this. Whether you’re splashing motor oil across it like a grizzly Pacific Northwest fisherman, or keeping it crisp and clean to wear around town with your washed-out denim and expensive sneakers, Carhartt’s heavy-duty hoodie is ready to work for you.

Buy from Carhartt | £85

Pringle Harlequin Hoodie


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From royals to rebels, the argyle pattern has a surprisingly diverse sartorial legacy. True to form, Pringle has taken the famous harlequin motif and used it in a unisex capsule called the Reissue Collection, which gives new life to famous designs from its archives. Like the ye olde court jester synonymous with this design, this will have you standing out in the crowd.

Buy from Pringle | £195

Champion Corduroy Small Script Hoodie


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For the last three chilly seasons or so, corduroy’s enjoyed a real resurgence. This winter appears to be no different, which is why it’d be a real smart idea to turn to 100-year-old athleisure legend Champion for this premium winner.

Buy from Champion | £115 (currently reduced to £80.50)

Napapijri Biri Hoody


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Everything’s big about this monster from the adventurewear industry’s trickiest-to-pronounce brand. Big embroidered logo, big and heavy material, big retro explorer vibes – and massively comfortable, too.

Buy from The Chimp Store | £219.95

Under Armour Pursuit


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The Pursuit collection incorporates some of the sportswear giant’s finest fabrics, and employs them to create an array of clean, modern and surprisingly cool items to cover your pre- and post-workout sesh, and everything in between. This camo hoodie will easily take care of your schedule between gym showers and rest of the weekend.

Buy from Under Armour | £85 (currently reduced to £50.97)

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APC X Brain Dead Spacy


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Hoo boy, will you be stuffing your pockets with cool points and street cred tokens with this beauty on your back. This is what happens when the nonchalant no-nonsense French slicksters at APC collide with the in-demand frenetic punks of Brain Dead – an unlikely allegiance, but one we’d happily wear right the way through to summer.

Buy from Oi Polloi | £184 (currently reduced to £91)

Nike ACG Jersey Hoodie


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No matter what the weather’s throwing at you when you slip into Nike’s comfy fluorescent option (part of its All Conditions Gear collection), one thing’s for sure: everyone’s going to see you coming.

Buy from Mr Porter | £90

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