Can You Complete Four Rounds Of This Eight-Move Kettlebell Grind

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There’s a lot to like about using free weights in circuit workouts. It adds resistance training ( something many of us neglect), it improves cardio fitness and, unlike sets-and-reps strength training, there’s less time spent standing around resting.

If you’re looking for your next circuit workout with weights to tackle, consider this kettlebell session from one of Coach’s favorite trainers, Bradley Simmonds.

It consists of four rounds of eight kettlebell exercises. You perform each move for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds and move on to the next move, resting for an additional minute at the end of each round. Simmonds recommends using a combination of one heavy kettlebell and two “fairly heavy” ones for the double kettlebell moves.

Watch Simmonds demonstrate the workout below.

It’s a challenging workout, we’re sure you’ll agree, but a fantastic way to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. 

Make sure your body is ready to work by warming up beforehand. This warm-up routine is our go-to, and it’s worth running through a round of the moves with lighter kettlebells. As well as making your warm-up specific to what you’re about to do, this helps you to brush up on your form before picking up heavy weights. 

Remember that the kettlebell swing is all about the hip hinge and the kettlebell shouldn’t be slamming into your forearm at the top of the clean. Brush up on your technique with our kettlebell clean form guide if you find that happening. 

If you’re as enthusiastic as us about this workout, Simmonds has provided plenty more you can try. He’s contributed this 20-minute resistance band workout, this upper-body home workout and two pre-season football workouts to develop both your strength and speed. He also gave us a veg-packed, simple and delicious cauliflower curry recipe which appears in his book, Get It Done.

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