One Kettlebell And 20 Minutes Are All You Need To Build Functional Strength And Full-Body Muscle

Man in gym holds kettlebell above his head
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If, like me, your Instagram feed is a steady stream of fitness content, you’ve probably started seeing more kettlebell complexes appearing recently. 

These impressive-looking kettlebell workouts challenge you to flow from one exercise into another without any break, putting your co-ordination, grip strength and muscular endurance to the test. The only problem is you’d need to draw up a revision schedule just to remember some of the longer ones—complex by name, complex by nature, I suppose. 

If you want to take one for a spin but don’t have the spare mental capacity to commit a seven-move sequence to memory, try this simple yet effective complex from NASM-certified personal trainer Jay Maryniak, who goes by JTM_Fit on Instagram. 

There are three single-arm moves—the kettlebell snatch, power clean and squat clean thruster—which are all demonstrated in the video below. You’ll do two reps of each move, completing all three moves on the same side, before switching sides and repeating the complex on the other arm. 

Once completed, rest for two minutes then go again until you’ve completed six rounds. 

Maryniak’s advice for picking a weight is refreshingly straightforward. “Make sure to go as heavy as possible while maintaining excellent technique throughout.”

These advanced kettlebell exercises both help you build strength, core stability, co-ordination and explosive power. 

These qualities won’t just benefit you in the gym. Improved speed, balance and agility will help you in pretty much any sport.

If you’re planning on performing this workout at home but don’t have a kettlebell, you can do these moves with a dumbbell too. Or if you want to add one of these core-challenging free weights to your home workout arsenal, you can peruse some top options in our guide to the best kettlebells.

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