You Only Need Five Moves And 45 Minutes To Build Serious Lower-Body Strength

Woman performs Bulgarian split squat in gym
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Barbell squats and deadlifts are leg workout staples, but they shouldn’t be the only way you train your lower body. This five-move workout created by fitness influencer and trainer Meggan Grubb uses the barbell lunge as the taxing compound lift to kick things off, then follows it up with four more challenging moves to hit your pins from a range of angles – promising strength gains galore.

Fans of the squat won’t be left disappointed either, because Grubb has programmed two variations including the single-leg Bulgarian split squat to improve power and promote growth. You’ll need a barbell and landmine attachment for the other variation, as well as leg press and cable machines to perform the workout.

Watch Grubb’s video below, in which she takes you through each of the five exercises. 

This is a workout you can come back to week after week, gradually increasing the weight to grow stronger – a process otherwise known as the strength-building progressive overload principle.

If you’re looking to focus on growing a specific muscle, like your glutes, hamstrings or quads, it’s a good idea to focus on mind-muscle connection during this workout. This means thinking about squeezing the muscle you want to grow during each movement. Research published in the European Journal Of Applied Physiology showed this can increase muscle activity when lifting loads that are between 20-60% of your one-rep max.

Training more than three times a week and looking to dedicate another day to strengthening your legs? Try this leg-day workout for maximum gains.

Alice Porter

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