This Physio’s Glute Band Workout For Runners Can Help Prevent Knee Pain

Close up of resistance band around runner's legs
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Running is a high-impact sport and if you’re not careful your body won’t be able to handle the demands running places on it, which can lead to injury. Following a progressive running training plan is a smart way to let your body adjust gradually to more running, but you can also strengthen your muscles to better cope with running.

Physiotherapists Davis Hallberg and Cate Rudnicki recently shared a workout on their Instagram page @thatdptcouple specifically for runners. 

“This workout is beneficial for runners because it incorporates single-leg glute strengthening, which can help with pelvic stability when running,” says Hallberg. “Proximal [hip and pelvic] strengthening can also help with injury prevention, especially in regards to knee pain.”

All you need is a short-looped resistance band. Watch the Instagram Reel where Hallberg demonstrates each of the exercises.

I spoke to Hallberg to find out more about the moves and tips for doing them effectively.

The first exercise is a standing fire hydrant. “This exercise activates the extensor and rotational fibers of the glute max by pressing the back heel into the wall as the leg rotates,” says Hallberg.

Follow this with two rounds of standing clams for 60 seconds on each side. “Maintain a slight bend at the hips and knees, and keep tension in the band the entire time,” says Hallberg.

The next move is a plyometric exercise, which is designed to increase your ability to produce power. “With the lateral hops, focus on sticking the landing. Avoid excessive trunk lean and knee rotation,” says Hallberg.

Finally, complete 20 reps of a side plank leg raise on each leg, which targets the gluteus medius. “Keep your shoulders in line and try to maintain a neutral pelvis,” says Hallberg. If you struggle to maintain the side plank position for 20 lifts, drop onto your knee.

Once you’ve mastered this routine, continue making good use of your glute band with these three glute activation exercises for runners and this resistance band glute workout.

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