I Review Massage Guns And The Three I Use The Most Are Discounted For Cyber Monday

Theragun Pro vs Hypervolt 2 Pro
Both the Theragun Pro and Hypervolt 2 Pro massage guns have Cyber Monday discounts. (Image credit: Sam Rider / Future)

There’s no better time to buy a massage gun than on Cyber Monday, as you can expect every one of the best massage guns to be heavily discounted. 

I’ve reviewed a dozen massage guns, but there are only three that I’ve continued using regularly—and if you act fast you can save as much as $250 on one of them. 

When training for HYROX at the start of the year, I used the Theragun PRO to limber up for home workouts and the more portable Theragun Mini at the gym. The more discreet Mini also came in handy on race weekend to prime my muscles minutes before hitting the start line—then again to soothe my weary limbs on the train home. 

If Hyperice’s heated head attachment was available back then it would have made those cold morning runs that little bit more bearable too. Now I tend to use it with my Hyperice Pro 2 before rowing workouts or when sitting at my desk, zeroing in on my lower back. I find the soothing heat helps relax these muscles, which are especially prone to seizing up.

Here’s more about each massage gun and the all important discount.

Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro with heat pack

(Image credit: Sam Rider / Future)

Hyperice’s top-end massage gun has always represented good value when stacked up against Therabody’s flagship Theragun PRO (my Theragun PRO Vs Hypervolt 2 Pro comparison goes into more detail). The Hypervolt 2 Pro is a pleasure to use, and delivers impressive power and frequency, but for me its standout feature is the vast library of Bluetooth-enabled guided routines available on the Hyperice App. A new addition I’m really enjoying using now that winter is upon us, is the heated head attachment. It can be slotted into any of the Hypervolt models and used to apply 109°F, 115°F or 120°F (43°C, 46°C or 49°C) of soothing warmth as well as percussion to stiff muscles.

Hypervolt 2 Pro Heat Pack:was $388now $288 from Hyperice

Hypervolt 2 Pro Heat Pack: was $388, now $288 from Hyperice

Save $100 The Heated Head Attachment is available to buy on its own at $59 but it isn't currently discounted in the Cyber Monday sales. As part of the Hypervolt 2 Pro Heat Pack, however, you can bag it along with Hyperice’s leading massage gun and a not to be sniffed at $100 of savings. 

Therabody Theragun Mini

Therabody Theragun Mini

The first gen Therabody Theragun Mini I tested (Image credit: Sam Rider / Future)

Mini by name but mighty by design. This compact, travel-friendly massage gun delivers just as much oomph as Theragun’s top-end PRO, with speeds of 1,750, 2,100 and 2,400 percussions per minute. The second gen model is 20% smaller and 30% lighter—at just 450g (1lb)—than the 1st gen Theragun Mini I tested, making it even better suited for use on the go.

Therabody Theragun Mini:was $199now $149 at Therabody 

Therabody Theragun Mini: was $199, now $149 at Therabody 

Save $50 The Mini has always been my recommendation for anyone looking to dip their toe in the massage gun market. Its size—and more pertinently, its price—make it well-suited for casual exercisers and anyone looking to alleviate tightness when working or at the gym. With $50 off, it’s an even easier sell for anyone after a budget-friendly stocking filler. 

Therabody Theragun PRO 4th Gen

Theragun PRO

(Image credit: Sam Rider / Future)

The Theragun PRO has pride of place in my home office for desk-based massages or to help me loosen up before home workouts. Its versatile multi-grip handle and the comprehensive Therabody App help it stand apart.

In 2022, Therabody released a fifth-generation upgrade that includes a proprietary EQ-150 motor said to be 20% quieter than previous iterations. The OLED display has also been revamped. You can now cycle through four visually-guided routines, like Sleep and Warm Up, without needing to reach for the Therabody App mid-massage. While impressive, so is the 4th gen’s hefty $250 discount.

Therabody Theragun PRO 4th Gen: was $599now $349 at Therabody

Therabody Theragun PRO 4th Gen: was $599, now $349 at Therabody

Save $250 The PRO is my recommendation for anyone serious about fitness. Yet, because there has always been a chasm in price between this top-end massage gun and the chasing pack, it’s been a hard sell for the casual exerciser. At this price it might be just within reach as a very generous early holiday gift to yourself and certainly presents better value than the $599 priced 5th gen version ($499 for Cyber Monday). 

Is A Massage Gun Worth It

The jury has long been out on the true merits of massage guns, but a systematic literature review published in April 2023 identified “a significant relationship” between a single application of percussive therapy and an acute increase in muscle strength, explosive muscle strength and flexibility. 

Additionally, multiple treatments were found to reduce experiences of musculoskeletal pain—in particular, pain impacting the back and shoulders. The kind of tightness that can build up from several hours spent hunched over your desk, for example. 

So, while a deep tissue sports massage would be my optimal recovery method of choice, massage guns present a good DIY alternative. I do, however, believe they should only be used as the cherry on top of your fitness routine, once you’ve found a formula that means you can exercise consistently. But if you have the money, these three massage guns at their reduced prices should deliver a decent ROI for your long-term health and fitness.

Sam Rider

Sam Rider is an experienced freelance journalist, specialising in health, fitness and wellness. For over a decade he's reported on Olympic Games, CrossFit Games and World Cups, and quizzed luminaries of elite sport, nutrition and strength and conditioning. Sam is also a REPS level 3 qualified personal trainer, online coach and founder of Your Daily Fix. Sam is also Coach’s designated reviewer of massage guns and fitness mirrors.