My Favorite Budget Smart Scale For Measuring Body Fat Is Under $25 In Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale
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If you’ve been shopping for one of the best smart scales to track your body composition, but don’t want to spend big bucks, now is a great time to buy. Amazon is having its Big Spring Sale, and I’ve sorted through the deals to work out which is worth your time. 

My top budget smart scale pick from among the many scales I’ve tested is the Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale, a compact Bluetooth scale that offers all the body composition metrics you could dream of, from body fat and bone mass to visceral fat (the dangerous fat around your organs), and it will even calculate your metabolic age. 

A fraction of the price of many top-end models from the likes of Withings and Garmin, the Renpho scale is usually great value at its MSRP, and it’s now available in the US at 31% off, for under $25. Amazon UK is selling it with a slightly smaller 17% discount, but it’s still a steal at less than £20.

Renpho Smart Scale: $34.99now $23.99 on Amazon
🇺🇸 US Deal

Renpho Smart Scale: was $34.99 now $23.99 on Amazon

Save $11 This compact, Bluetooth-connected smart scale is great value at the list price and now has a 31% discount at Amazon. It covers all the body composition metrics you could want and the app is insightful and user-friendly.

Renpho Smart Scale: £23.99now £19.99 on Amazon
🇬🇧 UK Deal

Renpho Smart Scale: was £23.99 now £19.99 on Amazon

Save £4 While this 17% discount is not a huge price drop, it’s the cheapest it’s ever been on Amazon, and at less than £20 it’s excellent value for a scale I rate very highly against much more expensive ones. 

I tested this scale over a period of several weeks and found it easy to use and the measurements it gave were consistent. The app in particular impressed me, setting out my data in an easy-to-read color-coded format that showed exactly where I had room for improvement. 

The scale is light and compact, so didn’t take up too much room in my bathroom. There’s a WiFi-connected version that costs a little more but I found the Bluetooth one connected easily and recorded my data quickly (faster and with fewer issues than the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale, for example).

It’s possible to share some of your body composition data with Apple Health, Fitbit App, Google Health, Samsung Health, and there’s an app for the Apple Watch. It was easy to link the Renpho app to Apple Health and the Fitbit app on my phone, and data appeared in those apps.

If you’re looking for a smart scale and don’t want to spend a fortune, the Renpho Smart Scale is definitely worth considering, especially at this price.

Camilla Artault
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