The Best Amazon Deals Under £20 To Consider Before The Prime Early Access Sale Ends

Grenade Carb Killa protein bar fudged up flavour
(Image credit: Grenade)

Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale ends at midnight on 12th October and we don’t think Amazon has any dramatic price drops in store. If you’ve not been convinced by the Fitbit deals, or Garmin deals, or treadmill deals, or exercise bike deals by now, you’re unlikely to be convinced by them at all. Which is fair enough! Not everyone needs a new device. 

However there are discounts on items you might not have thought of looking for in the sale. I, for instance, need a new strap for my Garmin Fenix 6 Pro (highly recommended, and heavily discounted at the moment FYI) because the years and miles have worn through three notches. Lo and behold straps are included in Amazon’s collection of Garmin deals.

I’ve sifted through pages and pages of Prime Early Access deals to curate a selection of useful products which may need replacing or adding to the bits box (we all have one).

Grenade Carb Killa 12 60g bars – Fudged Up flavour: £19.99£16.99 on Amazon

Grenade Carb Killa 12 60g bars – Fudged Up flavour: £19.99 £16.99 on Amazon

Save £3 It will never not be funny to us that the Carb Killa protein bar contains 18g of carbs (very few sugars though). All the same, they are very popular and contain 20g of protein, which is plenty.

Sealskinz Waterproof Beanie:£25£16.99 on Amazon

Sealskinz Waterproof Beanie: £25 £16.99 on Amazon

Save £8.01 Winter is coming and the cold is one thing, but wet and cold is intolerable. Keep your head warm and dry outdoors with this beanie from Sealskinz, a great brand for waterproof accessories. Sealskinz gloves are included in Prime Early Access, but they’re a shade over our arbitrary limit of £20.

Buff R-Solid Reflective Neck Warmer:£16.25£13.81 on Amazon

Buff R-Solid Reflective Neck Warmer: £16.25 £13.81 on Amazon

Save £2.44 Buffs are the original gaiters and still the best. There are a ton of designs with various technical features (Merino, UPF50, etc) to choose between in the Buff Prime Early Access sale. I use mine while cycle commuting in the winter, and at the start of winter runs. I then wrap it round my wrist once I realise I've overdressed as usual.

Speedo Hand Paddles:£21£14.99 on Amazon

Speedo Hand Paddles: £21 £14.99 on Amazon

Save £6.01 There are some excellent deals on Speedo swimming goggles, but as I’ve learned more about structuring training for swimming, I’ve realised you need kit to perform some swimming drills, so I’ll point you in the direction of these paddles.

Berghaus Prism Polartec Gloves:£25£19.99 on Amazon

Berghaus Prism Polartec Gloves: £25 £19.99 on Amazon

Save £5.01 For everyone who has a reusable tote bag of single gloves they add to every year. I salute you with one gloved hand.

HIGH5 Energy Gel 20 x 40g:£19.99£9.52 on Amazon

HIGH5 Energy Gel 20 x 40g: £19.99 £9.52 on Amazon

Save £10.47 I bought a mixed pack of these gels as I began marathon training this year and recommend the Citrus flavour. In light of this deal it seems I overpaid. Learn from my mistakes.

Park Tool IB-2 Multi-Tool: £17.99£10.99 on Amazon

Park Tool IB-2 Multi-Tool: £17.99 £10.99 on Amazon

Save £7 If you ride a bike and know a little bit about maintenance it’s well worth carrying one of these with you for the odd bit of tightening and adjusting. 

Salomon Pulse Running Belt:£19.99 on Amazon

Salomon Pulse Running Belt: £28 £19.99 on Amazon

Save £8.01 There’s lot to like in the Salomon Prime Early Access part of the sale – hydration packs, water bottles, gloves – but this spacious-looking belt caught my eye. It can carry a 500ml flask, which also happens to be discounted.

Osprey Hydraulics Bite Valve:£10£7.49 on Amazon

Osprey Hydraulics Bite Valve: £10 £7.49 on Amazon

Save £2.51 Osprey make fantastic backpacks for running, cycling and hiking (many of which are reduced in the Prime Early Access sale), and many come with reservoirs. If you happen to have one, how's your bite valve looking? Pretty grim I'd bet. Here’s a gentle nudge to replace it.

Jonathan Shannon
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