The Best Treadmill Deals 2024

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The best treadmill deals will appeal to many runners. While it’s great to get outside for your runs when possible, treadmill running is just as good for your running fitness, and sometimes a better option when it’s cold, dark and wet, or dangerously hot, or wildfires have caused air quality to be a concern. The main downside of buying a treadmill is the cost, so it makes sense to snap one in a deal, especially during big sales periods like Black Friday.

Running machines are a brilliant way to get a comprehensive cardio workout in the comfort of your own home, adjusting your pace and incline as you go. Some of the best treadmills have touchscreens, enabling you to enjoy engaging follow-along workouts and expert coaching, as well as detailed insights into your performance. 

The best treadmill deals are usually found during wider sales periods. Two of the biggest sales to look out for are Black Friday in November and Amazon Prime Day, which in the last couple of years has fallen in July and October.

Other big sales usually fall around public holidays, such as the big discounts available from Boxing Day through to early January. In the US there are also sales around President’s Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day.

During those sales we’ll be highlighting the best deals available on top treadmills below, and throughout the year we’ll flag up any unexpected discounts that catch the eye. You also find a list of the best retailers to check for treadmill deals below, to make it easier to hunt them down yourself.

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Today’s Best Treadmill Deals

During big sales events we’ll give more details on the best treadmill deals but here’s a round-up of today’s top treadmill discounts from across the internet.

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