Under Armour Reign 6 Review

This CrossFit shoe with minimal cushioning isn’t what I expected from Under Armour. It’s much better

Under Armour Reign 6
(Image: © Harry Bullmore / Future)

Our Verdict

Under Armour hits a home run with the Reign 6, which is a huge improvement on its predecessor. The minimal outsole offers excellent ground feel for better balance, stability and power generation—great news if you like to squat heavy. It’s not one for those who want lots of cushioning, but for a natural feel, few will beat it.


  • Great ground feel
  • Stable and supportive
  • Comfortable


  • Design won’t appeal to all
  • Limited cushioning

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Hate is a strong word, so let’s just say I strongly disliked the Under Armour Reign 5. When its successor arrived for review I had low expectations, yet come the end of my customary two-week testing period I didn’t want to take them off. 

What happened? Under Armour revamped the shoe and I think it did an outstanding job. Rather than attempt to replicate the cushioning of the Reebok Nano X4 or the tech-heavy build of the Nike Metcon 9 (among the best CrossFit shoes), the brand has instead delivered a barefoot feel courtesy of a thin, flexible outsole and minimal heel-to-toe drop. 

This is sure to divide opinion, with some fitness fans wanting more shock-absorbing foam. However, I found the updated delivered brilliant ground feel and stability, which I liked for lifting and WODs alike. 

Under Armour Reign 6: Price And Availability

The Under Armour Reign 6 was released in late 2023 with an RRP of $130 in the US and £125 in the UK. It's available on the Under Armour website, as well as through third-party retailers. I’ve already spotted it on sale for $100 (£90). 

How I Tested This CrossFit Shoe

Under Armour Reign 6

(Image credit: Harry Bullmore / Future)

I wore this shoe for every training session over a two-week period, and it was an intense period. There were 10 trips to the gym and the usual mix of varied metcons that you’d expect from CrossFit training. I completed regular Olympic weightlifting sessions, strength exercises, gymnastic drills and bodybuilding-style accessory work. The shoe got its first taste of the big three lifts, along with cleans, snatches, wall walks, handstand push-ups, rope climbs and burpees.

Design And Fit

With protective fins on the heel, an undulating raised rubber outsole and a flash of lurid green, the Reign 6 has a distinctly Alien aesthetic. Some will like it, others won’t; it has grown on me, despite initial misgivings. 

Green detailing aside, these features aren’t included for their looks—they all serve a purpose. The raised rubber outsole wraps around the midfoot to offer lateral support for multidirectional movements, and the rubber heel fins are handy for protecting the shoe from rough walls during handstand push-ups. 

I found the Reign 5 too wide for my narrow feet, but the Reign 6 locked my heel in place while still giving my toes room to spread for balance. As a result, it was comfortable from day one. 

The main change I noticed was in the sole of the shoe. The outsole is thin and all cushioning comes from a dual-density insole: thicker and firmer under the heel then thinner and softer under the ball of the foot, allowing me to feel the ground under my forefoot. 

This may come as a shock if you’re used to a thicker midsole, like that of the Nano X4, or a less flexible outsole like the Inov-8 F-Lite G 300, but I liked it. It helped me feel balanced while lifting and able to generate power through the floor effectively.

Is The Under Armour Reign 6 Good For WODs?

Under Armour Reign 6

(Image credit: Harry Bullmore / Future)

If it’s cushioning you’re after for high-impact exercises, look elsewhere. However, that doesn’t mean this shoe is bad for burpee-heavy WODs. 

As long as you know what you’re signing up for—a shoe that feels almost like a gateway to barefoot footwear with its minimal outsole and negligible offset—then this can be a solid performer for CrossFit workouts. The locked-in fit, wide forefoot and great ground feel helped me keep my balance while cycling a barbell. I also appreciated the absence of power-sapping midsole cushioning during explosive moves like box jumps, and the lateral support offered by the raised rubber outsole for multidirectional movements, like skater jumps and shuttle runs. 

The shoe didn’t grip a rope as well as the Reebok Nano X4, which I’d tested before it. It felt heavier too—436g for a US size 11 compared with 378g. But those were my only notable criticisms. 

Is The Under Armour Reign 6 Good For Resistance Training?

The first exercise I faced in the Reign 6 was a classic: five-by-five barbell squats. The shoe’s performance in this sent it skyrocketing in my estimations. The heel felt stable and the improved ground feel allowed me to spread my toes, distribute the weight evenly through my feet and enjoy great power transfer through the floor. The same applied for Olympic lifts, with the shoe’s natural fit offering excellent balance and stability. 

Is The Under Armour Reign 6 Good For Running?

Under Armour Reign 6

(Image credit: Harry Bullmore / Future)

As part of my training I tackled 8 x 400m intervals. I’d usually change into a pair of running shoes for that, but decided to go with the Reign 6. It was a different experience. Rather than feeling a plush midsole underfoot, I felt the Tarmac and any surface I was running on. If this is something you like, great. However, if you’re a regular runner who enjoys the usual cushioning, I’d say stay with what you know. I didn’t mind the minimalist experience for shorter intervals, but for anything above 400m I’ll stick to my running shoes. 

Is The Under Armour Reign 6 Worth It?

I loved lifting in the Reign 6. The flexible, minimalist sole and low-to-the-ground build offered stability and great ground feel and allowed me to power through sets of heavy leg exercises. For this reason alone, I think the shoe is a worthy investment, particularly if you can find it discounted. 

Beyond this, I enjoyed its minimalist feel during WODs. This, along with smart features like the raised rubber outsole, offered balance and support during multidirectional movements. It’s built to last too, with a robust feel and no signs of wear after two weeks of rigorous use. 

The shoe’s performance while running is likely to spark debate, with the limited cushioning meaning that you’re getting little added shock absorption with each stride. The same logic applies during any workout—if it’s a soft sole and lightweight feel you’re after, look elsewhere. However, if you want a CrossFit shoe that breaks free from the crowd and excels under a heavy barbell, give the Reign 6 a try.

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