Fitness-boosting meals in a pot

One-pot wonders, Men's Fitness
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TV chefs have a lot to answer for. Jamie Oliver and his saucepan-waving friends have inadvertently obliged all men to knock up exotic, complicated meals in minutes. We have the answer to all this drizzle-plated madness: simple meals that require nothing more than readily available ingredients and a pot. Oh, and you to mix them all together.
That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re quick. Some of these meals take a while to cook, and one or two may be best left for the weekend, but the preparation takes less time than you might spend slumped in front of a pointless cookery programme. Click the links below for the recipes.

Energy-boosting beef stew
Muscle-buidling pork casserole
Life-lengthening Mediterreanean fish
Fat-burning root vegetable roast
Immunity-boosting lamb stew
Sex-improving turkey casserole

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Dr Sarah Schenker is a dietitian, sports dietitian and public health nutritionist, who has worked with Jamie Oliver on his Feed Me Better campaign, Premiership football clubs including Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur, and various government committees.

Sarah co-authored the book The Fast Diet, has written other books including My Sugar Free Baby and Me and Eating Fat Will Make You Fat, and has contributed to the Mail Online, the Huffington Post and many others. 

Sarah is a member of the British Dietetic Association, Nutrition Society, Association for Nutrition and the Guild of Health Writers.