CrossFit Quarterfinals Explained—What You Need To Know Before The 2024 Competition Begins

CrossFit athlete Lauren Fisher jumps onto plyo box
Lauren Fisher during Test 5 of a prior CrossFit Quarterfinals (Image credit: CrossFit)

With the CrossFit Open disappearing in the rear view mirror, it’s time to look ahead to the next stage of the competitive CrossFit season, the CrossFit Quarterfinals, which will decide which athletes progress to the Semifinals. 

Like the Open before it, this is an online competition. Unlike the Open, it’s invite only. To qualify in 2024, you needed to finish in the top 25% in the CrossFit Open

Whether you’re a regular participant, first-time qualifier, hopeful for next year or just curious about the format, I’ve gathered a quick-and-dirty guide to the CrossFit Quarterfinals.

CrossFit Quarterfinals FAQs

What are the CrossFit Quarterfinals?

The CrossFit Quarterfinals is a six-day online competition and the second stage of the CrossFit season. It’s open to the top 25% of CrossFit Open finishers and decides which athletes will progress to the first in-person stage of competition, the CrossFit semifinals. 

For context, the entire CrossFit season runs: CrossFit Open, CrossFit Quarterfinals and CrossFit Semifinals and CrossFit Games—the sport’s Superbowl, where the 40 fittest male and female competitors duke it out to be named the fittest man and woman on earth. 

How big are the CrossFit Quarterfinals?

Bigger than ever. Previously, the top 10% of male and female finishers in the CrossFit Open have qualified for the Quarterfinals, but in 2024 CrossFit decided to lower the bar for entry to the top 25% (from 343,500 Open entrants). 

The top 40 male and female Quarterfinal finishers in each region will earn a spot at the Semifinals. The regions are North America West, North America East, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America. 

When are the CrossFit Quarterfinals 2024?

The team Quarterfinals came first, taking place between April 3 and April 9. Next up are the individual Quarterfinals, kicking off on Wednesday, April 17 and wrapping up on Tuesday, April 23. 

CrossFit has confirmed there will be four tests this year, followed by a six-day window in which you have to complete them and submit your scores before two submission deadlines (detailed below). You will also need to submit videos of all workouts with each score. 

All four workouts will be released on Wednesday, April 17, at 12pm PDT (8pm BST). 

The scores for workout one and two are due by 5pm PDT on Saturday, April 20 (1am BST on Sunday, April 21). The scores for workouts three and four are due by 5pm PDT on Monday, April 22 (1am BST on Tuesday, April 23). 

CrossFit says the score review process will be completed by Monday, April 29 and the finalized leaderboard will be released shortly after. 

CrossFit Quarterfinals Equipment List

Ahead of both the Open and Quarterfinals, CrossFit usually releases an equipment list that tells affiliated CrossFit boxes what needs to be provided to athletes taking part. Participants often comb these lists for clues as to what the workouts will be.

But in 2024 CrossFit has not released an equipment list in advance. Instead, it says “all required equipment can be found in a typical CrossFit affiliate”, although “some workouts may require a specified distance between equipment for safety concerns”. 

The floor plans and equipment list will be posted on the CrossFit Games website after the release of the four CrossFit Quarterfinals workouts on Wednesday, April 17.

CrossFit Quarterfinals Leaderboard

The CrossFit Quarterfinals can be hard to follow as a fan. This is because, while the Open has the live announcements and both the CrossFit Games and CrossFit Semifinals have been live-streamed on YouTube, there are no live updates for this portion of the season. 

If you want to stay on top of the latest results, the best way to do it is to keep an eye on the CrossFit Quarterfinals leaderboard on the CrossFit Games website. Many athletes also post updates on their social media channels, if you want extra information on the competition. 

CrossFit Quarterfinals Workouts 2023

CrossFit Quarterfinals 2023 Workout 1

For time (15-minute time cap): 

  1. Front squat at weight one (heaviest) x9 
  2. 25 ft handstand walk x9
  3. Front squat at weight two x15
  4. Muscle-up x15
  5. Front squat at weight three (lightest) x21
  6. Chest-to-wall handstand push-up x21

Men’s weights: 225lb/102kg, 185lb/83kg, 135lb/61kg

Women’s weights: 155lb/70kg, 125lb/56kg, 95lb/43kg

CrossFit Quarterfinals 2023 Workout 1

As many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) in 12 minutes of: 

  1. Dumbbell snatch on arm one x8
  2. Overhead walking lunge steps on arm one x8
  3. Dumbbell snatch on arm two x8
  4. Overhead walking lunge steps on arm two x8

Men’s weight: 70lb/32.5kg

Women’s weight: 50lb/22.5kg 

CrossFit Quarterfinals 2023 Workout 3

Five rounds for time (10-minute time cap):   

  1. Burpee box jump-over x5
  2. Clean and jerk x1

Men’s: Barbell at 275lb/125kg, box at 30in

Women’s: Barbell at 185lb/84kg, box at 24in

CrossFit Quarterfinals 2023 Workout 4

As many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of: 

  1. Row x1,000m
  2. GHD sit-up x50
  3. Row x500m
  4. V-up x25 

CrossFit Quarterfinals 2023 Workout 5

For time (15-minute time cap):

  1. Deadlift at weight one (lightest) x21
  2. Chest-to-bar pull-up x21
  3. Deadlift at weight two x15
  4. Bar muscle-up x15
  5. Deadlift at weight three (heaviest) x9
  6. 15ft rope climb x9 

Men’s weights: 225lb/102kg, 275lb/125kg, 315lb/143kg

Women’s weights: 155lb/70kg, 185lb/83kg, 205lb/93kg

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