Hunt Down This Buried Treasure To Get Free Clothes For Life

Vollebak’s Extreme Discount Card
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Here at Coach we get told about an awful lot of brand stunts, and by that we mean told about a lot of awful stunts we wouldn’t waste your time with. But every now and again something comes along that grabs our attention in a good way, and our hats are firmly off to Vollebak right now.

The high-end adventure gear brand has produced some attention-grabbing clothing in the past, including a Kevlar hoodie designed to last 100 years and all-black high-vis clothing. Its latest caper, though, is not about selling clothes but giving them away, because one very intrepid person is going to get free Vollebak garb for life.

In order to claim the prize, however, you’ll need to find Vollebak’s Extreme Discount Card, a chunk of wood about the size of a wallet which has been buried somewhere in the world. And given who Vollebak asked to bury the card – adventurers Jason Fox and Aldo Kane – you can be sure it’s not going to be hidden down the back of the sofa. In fact, the card was buried 18 months ago and no-one has come across it since, so you’re definitely not going to just stumble across it on your morning stroll. You need to get out there and hunt it down.

Vollebak has provided a clue to make that hunt a little easier, which is a five-minute film shot from the card’s perspective as Fox and Kane took it to its hiding place. The good news is the film contains all the hints you need to find the card. The bad news is that *spoilers* it appears to be under water.

Find the card and you get free Vollebak gear for life. And not just a T-shirt here and there – the winner will get one of everything Vollebak makes.

"It’s like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, only better. Instead of heart attack-inducing amounts of chocolate, you’ll win enough gear to break your closet,” says Vollebak co-founder Nick Tidball.

It’s a grand prize, and one that might make you consider cheating and trying to create a copy of the card, but good luck with that – it took master craftsman Saena Ku three months to carve it out of Bocote Rosewood, and the wood’s swirling grain is as unique as a fingerprint.

Happy hunting!

Nick Harris-Fry
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