The best summer T-shirts

T shirt
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1) Nike SB Kurt Dri-Fit


Is it a sports or a partaaay tee? Thanks to it's quick-drying, odour-resistant tech and the ever trendy stripe pattern, it works well for both. It's fairly slim so will look good on those with a muscly, athletic frame.

2) Weekend Offender Spider


This eye-wateringly loud tee is perfect for those wanting to make a statement that they're proudly metrosexual. The denim chest pocket breaks up the washed out pink nicely and the ribbed crew neckline ensures a comfy fit. Another slim-fit top so flattering for those of you who have spent a lot of time chiselling in the gym.

3) Zoo York States


Any fans of Tribe, De La, Mobb Deep, Beastie Boys or other leading New York hip-hop crews will rate this NY borough-inspired skate T-shirt from Zoo York. It's long and lightweight with a wide neck so it suits those with broad shoulders and a longer torso.

Nick Harris-Fry
Senior writer

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