Fitbit Undercuts The Competition With Four New Fitness Trackers

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Fitbit has revamped its line-up with the launch of four new wearables, including the Versa Lite (a more affordable version of the Versa smartwatch), and the Inspire and Inspire HR which take the place of the Alta and Alta HR as Fitbit’s stylish fitness bands. The tracker for kids, Fitbit Ace, graduates to its second generation. Fitbit is also making changes to its app to prioritise insights into your fitness and tips to make your lifestyle healthier.

If £200 for a fitness-focused smartwatch is too rich for your blood, you may be tempted by the Fitbit Versa Lite at £149.99. As you’d expect, it doesn’t have all of the features of its pricier sibling. For starters you lose one button, which means you’ll have to use the touchscreen more to navigate through the menus. The Versa Lite also can’t stream or store music or make contactless payments, and it’s lacking an altimeter, which means it won’t record floors climbed or count laps in the pool.


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Despite losing those features, the Lite is still a great-looking smartwatch that has plenty to offer in tracking your everyday activity, exercise and sleep. It can use your phone’s GPS for more accurate tracking of outdoor activities – especially useful for runners – and it has a 24/7 heart rate monitor. There aren’t many trackers that do so much for £150.

Fitbit has also targeted bargain hunters with its new Inspire and Inspire HR tracker bands, which will cost £69.99 and £89.99 respectively. These replace the Alta and Alta HR, offering a slimmer alternative to the Fitbit Charge 3 band.

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Both bands have an OLED touchscreen display and are swim-proof, and the Inspire HR in particular offers impressive sports tracking smarts for a budget tracker. It can use your phone’s GPS to track outdoor activities, monitors your heart rate 24/7 and has 15 goal-based exercise modes.

The other new tracker announced is the Fitbit Ace 2, which now has a waterproof, hardier design that increases its age range – where it was previously eight plus, it’s now down to kids as young as six. It’s also £10 cheaper than the original Ace, which cost £79.99.


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On the software side of things the Fitbit app will now make room for Fitbit Focus on your home screen. Rather than providing the stats on your activity, this section will aim to provide insights to help you get fitter and healthier. These will be similar to the sleep tips available in the app already, but focused on other areas of your lifestyle, and will even include recommended workouts.

You can pre-order the Versa Lite, and the Inspire and Inspire HR trackers now on the Fitbit website, while the Fitbit Ace 2 is set to launch this summer.

Pre-order the Versa Lite from Fitbit | £149.99

Pre-order the Inspire or Inspire HR from Fitbit | £69.99-£89.99

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