Put Your Fitness To The Test With This Monster 600-Rep Dumbbell Session From Trainer Courtney Black

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Following a progressive gym workout plan is one of the best ways to ensure results, but sometimes it can be fun to go off-script. 

If you fancy something a little bit different, why not try this high-volume dumbbell workout from fitness trainer Courtney Black? It challenges you to accumulate an eye-watering 600 reps over the course of an ever-changing routine, putting your muscular endurance to the test.

“This is a total-body workout you can do anytime and anywhere,” Black tells Coach. “Whether you’re in the hotel gym on holiday or after a quick full-body burn on your lunch break, this workout boosts strength and power, improves performance and helps you feel energized and alert for the day. Not only that, major muscle groups working in conjunction with each other during compound exercises like squats and lunges require more energy so will burn more calories than an isolation exercise.”

Watch Black’s video for a run-through of the routine.

Black uses a pair of 22lb dumbbells, but think carefully about the weight you choose. Black suggests starting with lighter weights than you’re used to and focusing on your form, only reaching for a heavier set when you’re confident your technique is on point. This will make sure the targeted muscles are “engaged and firing” during each exercise, making for a more effective workout. 

“This is an intense full-body workout, so it’s important you go at your own pace,” says Black. “Take breaks, but do not quit. 

“Remember to challenge yourself—what doesn’t challenge you, won’t change you,” she adds. 

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