Survey: Tell Us Your Opinions About Indoor Cycling

Illustration of different types of indoor cycling: Wheel-on turbo trainer, direct drive turbo trainer, upright exercise bike, studio bike
(Image credit: Future)

Cycling is a great way to keep fit and indoor cycling is an increasingly popular way to exercise on a bike – it’s convenient, traffic-free and there are plenty of training apps which provide engaging experiences. 

Indoor cycling is also increasingly expensive. The best exercise bikes and best spin bikes can cost as much as £3,000, and while the best turbo trainers cost much less, you also need to budget for a bike. Then there’s a range of kit that promises to make you more comfortable, tech to help track your progress and ongoing app subscriptions to maintain. 

In contrast, some people will resolutely stick with an old and faithful bike attached to a second-hand magnetic wheel-on turbo trainer. Nothing wrong with that, of course.

Coach’s publisher, Future, is undertaking a survey to learn all about the indoor cycling habits of readers across a range of titles, including Coach. So if you know your way around a direct drive turbo and have an opinion on the best training app, enjoy a spin class at the gym or a light pedal while watching TV, or even have a vague notion that this might be something you’d like to investigate one day when you have the time, we’d like you to take part in our survey.

The survey should take no more than eight minutes to complete. To say thank you for your time, your name will be placed into a prize draw for a chance to win* an Amazon voucher worth £250 or $300 (depending on where you live). The survey is open to UK, US and selected countries in Europe and runs till 9th May 2022. 

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Jonathan Shannon
Former editor

Jonathan Shannon was the editor of the Coach website from 2016 to 2024, developing a wide-ranging experience of health and fitness. Jonathan took up running while editing Coach and used the training plans on the site to run a sub-40min 10K, 1hr 28min half marathon and 3hr 6min marathon. He’s an advocate of cycling to work and is Coach’s e-bike reviewer, and not just because he lives up a bit of a hill. He also reviews fitness trackers and other workout gear.