Garmin Launches The MARQ Carbon Collection Of Ultra-Expensive Tool Watches

Garmin MARQ Carbon Collection
(Image credit: Garmin)

The Garmin MARQ range has always featured some of the most beautiful watches in the company’s range, and some of its most expensive too, but things have been taken to another level with the new Garmin MARQ Carbon collection.

This contains three watches—the MARQ Athlete, Commander and Golfer—made from 130 layers of fused carbon fiber that create spiral design patterns on the body of the watch. This makes the 46mm watches much lighter than previous MARQ watches, which were made from titanium or diamond-like carbon.

Garmin MARQ Carbon Collection

Garmin's MARQ Athlete (Image credit: Garmin)

As you may expect, this upgrade in materials results in an increase in price, and the MARQ Carbon collection costs from $3,100 in the US and £2,799 in the UK, making even some of the best sports watches, like the Garmin Epix Pro and Fenix 7 Pro, look cheap in comparison.

The three watches in the MARQ Carbon range have distinct design features, with light green accents on the MARQ Athlete, pine green accents on the MARQ Golfer, and a stealthy all-black design on the MARQ Commander, which is designed for tactical operations. Along with the black design, the Commander’s features include a screen option that can be viewed with night vision goggles, a stealth mode that prevents the watch from storing your GPS position, and a kill switch to wipe the watch’s memory.

The MARQ Athlete is the sports-focused watch in the range and display your VO2 max and recovery time on the watch face, while the MARQ Golfer comes loaded with more 43,000 courses from around the world and has a Virtual Caddie feature, which recommends clubs to use, as well as giving advice on hazards.

Garmin MARQ Carbon Collection

(Image credit: Garmin)

The watches have AMOLED displays and are loaded with all of Garmin’s top features, like multi-band GPS, color maps and music storage. The watches will last up to six days in watch mode with the always-on screen enabled. This is all par for the course for Garmin watches from the Garmin Forerunner 965 up, though what separates the MARQ Carbon watches is design not software. 

The MARQ Carbon watches are available now. The Garmin MARQ Carbon Athlete costs $2,950/£2,599. The Garmin MARQ Carbon Golfer is $3,100/£2,699, and the Garmin MARQ Commander is $3,100/£2,799.

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