The New Huel Essential Powder Provides A Nutritious Meal For Just £1

Huel Essential Range
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How much do you spend on your lunch each day? If the answer is more than £1, and it probably is, then you could make a saving by switching to Huel’s new Essential powder.

Huel Essential (opens in new tab) joins the original Huel Powder 3.0 and high-protein Huel Black Edition in the company’s line-up, and if you’re happy to drink your meals Huel Essential is a cheap and nutritious option.

It contains the same 26 vitamins and minerals found in Huel’s other powders, along with 20g of plant-based protein per 100g serving. Huel Essential is also low in sugar and comes in two flavours – chocolate and vanilla.

Compared with Huel’s other powders, you have fewer choices of flavour and are getting less protein per serving – Huel Powder 3.0 contains 30g and Huel Black Edition has 40g – but the Essential powder has more carbs at 57g per serving.

A hand holding a scoop of Huel Essential meal replacement powder

(Image credit: Huel)

At £1 a serving the Essential powder is a fair bit cheaper than Huel’s other options, but note that you only get that price if you subscribe to receive the minimum order of two bags at regular intervals, which brings the cost down to £45. If you make a one-off purchase it’s £50 for two sacks, which is £1.11 a meal.

Huel Powder 3.0 costs from £51.50 for two sacks if you subscribe and £62 for a one-off purchase, but each bag contains just 17 meals compared with 22 in a sack of Huel Essential. Huel Black Edition costs from £57 for two sacks, with 17 servings in a sack.

Huel Essential is the first powder from the company to use a recyclable pouch, which can be recycled alongside soft plastics at large supermarkets. You get a free shaker with your first order to make the meals. 

In our experience of testing Huel’s meal replacement shakes they are pretty tasty and filling, and undeniably convenient, but not something you’d want to have for every meal. Swapping out the odd lunch for a fast and cheap Huel Essential shake is not a bad option at all, though.

Nick Harris-Fry
Senior writer

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