To Set A New Guinness World This Man Must Do 400 Burpees An Hour For 24 Hours

Craig Peters
(Image credit: Courtesy Craig Peters)

Setting any Guinness World Record is hard, even/especially the one where you grow your fingernails for 25 years. However, we have a hard time imagining a more physically challenging record than the one Craig Peters is set to attempt on 3rd December, when he will try to do more than 9,600 burpees in 24 hours.

Those aren’t just any burpees, either – they’re chest-to-floor burpees. That means Peters’s chest has to hit the floor on every rep, 400 times an hour, every hour, for 24 hours. Then he has to push himself back up and jump straight up.

“Guinness states that as long as my chest hits the ground and my feet leave the ground upon the jump then that’s classed as a chest-to-ground burpee,” says Peters. “It doesn’t matter how high you jump. I must have two bits of tape on the ground which are half my height apart. One for my hands to go in front of, the other for my feet to land behind.”

It sounds an absolutely appalling way to spend 24 hours to us, and Peters will know better than most how hard it’s going to be, because he has attempted the record before. 

He tapped out about 3,000 burpees short of the target on that occasion, but he trained at home by himself for that attempt. This time around his prep has been aided by working in the gym with PT Oliver Dowding of IN2FIT Personal Training. Peters is also now a sponsored athlete of Optimus Gyms.

“I have done this before and reached 6,560 burpees,” says Peters. “However, that was before I’d even set foot in a gym. I completely respect the challenge ahead, but I know this time things in and out of the gym have been on point, and I have a wonderful team around me.”

Peters is motivated by more than just the world record with this attempt. He is raising money for St George’s Hospital Charity and to support its Fetal Medicine Unit at St George’s Hospital, London, where his twin boys underwent a life-saving procedure in 2014. Peters has previously raised £17,000 for the charity by doing a monstrous 67,000 burpees throughout 2016, as well as 6,500 burpees in 24 hours. 

As part of this record attempt Peters is aiming to raise another £5,000 for St George’s Hospital Charity. You can sponsor him on the JustGiving website.

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