Two Words That Will Keep You Active During Advent

Do Something
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When the weather has started to turn properly cold and wet, and there’s so much going on in terms of parties and present planning, it can be easy to decide to give running a rest. Well, we’re here to persuade you to keep it up, because slumping into inactivity will only compound the effects of heavy Christmas work lunches and boozy late nights. Plus, going for a run – however short – is a valuable way to grab a moment for yourself, getting away from the rush and clearing your head.

For an extra bit of motivation to step out of the door regularly, sign up for the delightfully-named Eggnog Jog (go on, say it out loud, isn’t it lovely?). It’s a new virtual charity event where you commit to running or walking every day from 1st December until Christmas Eve to raise money for Henry’s Holiday Help, a charity that gives money towards a holiday for children with cancer. You only have to complete one mile (1.6km) on any given day, so even if time is tight the everyday demands aren’t too arduous, and you can even sign up to Eggnog Jog as a team and divide up the runs between you. Just don’t sign up with a running obsessive who’s going to do 22 of the 24 days – it’s about getting out and running yourself.

If you already have a place in a spring 2019 marathon confirmed, it’s an especially good idea to sign up for a December running streak. While most training plans for events like the London Marathon will start in January, getting used to the rhythm of running regularly will put you in a great place to start that plan. You’ll be fitter and enjoying your running a whole lot more after logging 24 days in a row – even if it’s only short, easy efforts.

Although the point of the event is to keep people moving during the festive season and raise money for an excellent cause, there are some incentives to log big distances. There are prizes for the most distance covered by an individual and team, as well as for the individual who logs the most elevation climbed. The winners in each category get a trophy plus a Salomon S-LAB Sense Ultra 8 race vest.

You will need to provide GPS proof of your runs via an app like Strava to be considered for a prize, and also if you want a stamped certificate of completion of the event alongside your Santa-themed medal.

Enter at the Eggnog Jog | £5-£8

Nick Harris-Fry
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