Wall Tennis Practice Drills From Judy Murray To Improve Your Game

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Who among us has not spent many hours hitting, kicking or throwing balls at walls over the years? Any time friends stood you up, or you were forced not to see them because of a global pandemic, the wall was there for you, unflinching in the face of balls launched at it from all directions, unfailingly reliable in its rebounding ability.

If you’re a tennis player in particular, walls can play a hugely important role in your training, because most people who enjoy the sport cannot rely on a hitting partner being at their beck and call 24/7. You just need to know the right drills to use with your wall.

And the right drills include those like the ones below, which come from Judy Murray, who is an ambassador for REBO walls. Without putting too fine a point on it, REBO walls are essentially the best walls, at least in terms of their ability to help you practise your sports.

The tennis drills below are all about training the non-dominant hand and you’ll need two rackets to do them, one for each hand. Do bear in mind this will not be allowed next time you step on the court for a match. Tennis umpires are real sticklers about the “using one racket” thing.

Wall Tennis Practice Drills To Improve Your Non-Dominant Hand


(Image credit: unknown)

1. Place the ball between two rackets, one in each hand. Keeping the ball trapped between the strings, rotate as if preparing to hit a forehand or backhand. Then release the ball in the direction of the wall and catch the ball between the rackets on the rebound. Try alternating sides and be careful not to release the ball too early or too late.

2. Once you have accomplished drill one, you should attempt this next stage. With one racket in each hand again, first hit a forehand using your dominant hand. Hit your second shot using your non-dominant hand and keep the rally going. Keep count of how many you can get in a row and aim for a set target which you can make higher as you progress.

3. To progress this drill, bump the ball on your racket in a controlled upward direction to set up the next shot. Let the ball bounce and then hit a groundstroke against the wall using the other hand against the wall. Do this on both sides.

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