The Best 24.2 Prediction Based On Dave Castro’s Latest CrossFit Open Hint

A woman performing double-unders in a CrossFit box, and Dave Castro's hint for CrossFit Open workout 24.2
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March 7, 2024: The wait is over, find out which exercises featured in CrossFit Open workout 24.2.

Dave Castro has released his second CrossFit Open hint ahead of the 24.2 live announcement on Thursday and it’s as cryptic as ever. 

The former CrossFit Games director shared a video of a chess piece (a pawn to be exact) being knocked out of shot by what the internet has agreed is a shuffleboard puck. 

This has set the CrossFit community guessing what the next test could be. Although, given how vague his 24.1 clue was, many have lost hope of drawing an accurate prediction from the post.

Before CrossFit Open workout 24.1, he shared a picture of a mushroom, which supposedly related to the top-heavy nature of the workout; a variation of CrossFit’s popular 21-15-9 format featuring single-arm dumbbell snatches and burpees

Now, for 24.2, we have a pawn being pushed aside by a shuffleboard piece, which feels just as difficult to decipher. 

The most feasible prediction I’ve seen is from the current third fittest woman on earth, Arielle Loewen

She writes: “[A] pawn can move two spaces. Increasing rep scheme by two each round, with shuttle runs. [An] AMRAP: 2-4-6-8-10 etc.”

But for the most part, people have been having a bit of fun in the comments section. Among them were the Concept2 team, who suggested a “42,195m [marathon] row”, like the one athletes tackled at the 2018 CrossFit Games.

Personally, my glutes would be happier with a slightly shorter workout than that, but the test that awaits us later this week remains anyone’s guess. 

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