Feeling Lost At The Gym? Try This Full-Body Strength Session From Lillie Bailey

Woman performs a chin-up with the assistance of a resistance band
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We’re midway through January and even if you returned to the gym with gusto at the start of the new year, you may find your motivation is waning by now. And unless you’re following a progressive gym workout plan you may be short on inspiration for what to do at the gym. If that’s the case, we recommend this 60-minute session from certified personal trainer and online coach Lillie Bailey

It’s a full-body workout which is a great way to train if you’re not following a training plan, putting every major muscle group to work. The workout only uses dumbbells, a weights bench, a pull-up bar and a seated row cable machine too, so you won’t have to wait in line for sought-after squat racks.

This workout is programmed using supersets, which means you perform two exercises back to back followed by a short rest, increasing the intensity of your workout and keeping your heart rate high to boost your calorie burn.

Watch Bailey demonstrate the movements below and take note of her form.

If you need more details on form, here are our form guides for the moves:

For most of the exercises, if you’re finding it too difficult you can change to lighter dumbbells, but to modify the press-ups Bailey recommends dropping to your knees or placing your hands higher on a platform like an aerobic step or weights bench. Chin-ups can also be made easier by using a large looped resistance band, or using a bench or box to start at the top of the movement and performing only the eccentric (lowering) part, slowly. To build up strength for this movement, try our pull-up workout plan for beginners.

Still need some workout inspiration? This beginner’s gym workout is a good alternative to Bailey’s workout, or try this beginner’s strength workout from top trainer Laura “Biceps” Hoggins.

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