I Tried This Low-Impact Lower-Body Workout To Strengthen My Legs Without Any Weights

Woman performs wall sit exercise
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While training for my first marathon I included at least one leg workout every week to help keep injury at bay. The gym sessions have included all of the standard leg exercises for runnerssquats, lunges and deadlifts.

As I recover from the marathon (your tendons can take up to 12 weeks to recover) I’ve been on the lookout for lower-intensity exercises. That’s how I came across this lower-body routine from coaching duo Vivienne and Mike Addo, known online as MrandMrMuscle.

The workout doesn’t require any equipment, but an exercise mat will make the donkey kick and hip raise exercises more comfortable.

Watch MrandMrsMuscle’s Low-Impact Workout

The workout gives a range for each variable—sets, reps (or time in the case of wall sits) and rest—so you can tailor it to your current level and gradually increase the challenge every time you perform the session. I performed three sets of each exercise but kept the rest periods short at 30 seconds.

With no equipment needed, I was able to do this workout from home and the lack of jumping meant I didn’t have to worry about disturbing my downstairs neighbors. None of the movements are too complicated either, so it’s ideal for beginners.

I asked Vivienne to tell me more about the workout. “Our lower-body muscles are some of the biggest in our body,” she says. “They help us to create a strong and stable foundation and we use them for nearly every single movement.

“Using low-impact exercises to help strengthen your lower-body muscles allows us to build endurance and remain active while keeping the risk of injury and stress to your joints low. They are also a great way to stay motivated as you are more likely to complete your workouts and stay consistent.”

Coach has plenty of low-impact sessions to try next. There’s this low-impact strength workout, low-impact cardio workout and low-impact HIIT workout.

Lois Mackenzie
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