Check Out This Revolutionary Helmet At The London Bike Show

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Innovation in cycling tends to focus on making bikes faster and lighter. And while that undoubtedly adds to the fun – or would if you ever found a clear patch of road to cycle on – it’s not always the most useful technological advance for commuters.

However, the innovation lab at this year’s London Bike Show showcases several items that could become essential for everyday cyclists. Chief among these is the Headkayse One.

We first encountered this helmet when Headkayse launched its campaign on Indiegogo in January last year and we liked it – a lot. It’s a foldable helmet that moulds to fit any head size comfortably and can withstand multiple impacts. What’s not to like?

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After overcoming the delays that seem to be inherent with all Indiegogo and Kickstarter products, no matter how great they are, the Headkayse One is set to arrive on its backers’ doorsteps in the first quarter of 2017.

If you’d like to check it out yourself, head to the Headkayse stand at the London Bike Show, where you might catch the helmet being tested live.

While you’re there, you can also look in on several other innovative products being shown. Two we like the look of are the Tailfin, a lightweight, quick-release pannier for road bikes, and Altum’s range of bike tools.

The clever design of Altum’s products has produced a tool set that’s comprehensive enough to cover your home bike repair needs but also lightweight enough to accompany you on your ride.

There’s also plenty to see outside of the Bike Show’s innovation lab, including the latest top-of-the-range bikes from brands like Pinarello and the death-defying stunts of the Air To The Throne freestyle mountain biking competition.

If you can tear yourself away from that to more commuter-friendly fare, it’s also worth checking out the PediBal Navigata foldable electric bike.


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Less impressive than Team Sky’s Pinarello and mountain bike backflips perhaps, but far more useful in terms of getting you to the office with maximum comfort and convenience.

The London Bike Show, 16th-19th February, ExCeL London, tickets from £16,

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