Three Things To Do With Your New Gym Membership

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1. Take Some Classes

If you’re only ever training solo at your gym, you’re missing out. Trying a variety of classes is definitely something you should do early on in your membership. You’ll almost certainly find a class you like enough that you’ll keep coming back to, and even if you don’t you’ll get plenty of exercise ideas from the classes that you can incorporate into your own training.

Best of all, you might make a couple of gym buddies if you regularly go to the same classes together, and nothing makes a trip to the gym more appealing than catching up with someone you get on with – then tackling a gym buddy challenge and smashing them to pieces.

2. Consider A Session With A Personal Trainer

When you’ve just splashed out on a gym membership it can be tough to take the plunge and invest further cash in your fitness by buying time with a personal trainer, but just a couple of sessions with a PT can help sort a strategy for your gym visits over the coming year. If you know you want to hit a certain target – lose weight, bulk up, get fit for a certain sport or whatever else – but have no idea how to do it, a PT will have all the info you need.

You might be able to avoid the extra outlay by asking for a few PT sessions when buying your membership, because some gyms include them as part of a joining package.

3. Try A New Piece Of Equipment

Most gyms go out of their way to provide the latest machines and cutting-edge pieces of equipment, so make sure to give them a go, especially when you inevitably start to get bored of plodding through the same old routine.

If you’re worried about looking a fool by using something unfamiliar incorrectly, don’t be afraid to ask one of the on-hand personal trainers for a quick explainer. You can also check out our guide to five pieces of gym equipment you probably haven’t tried yet but definitely should.

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