Last Chance To Grab These Cyber Monday Deals On The Latest Garmin Smartwatches

Garmin Venu 3
Garmin Venu 3 (Image credit: Garmin)

The Black Friday And Cyber Monday Garmin deals started in early November this year and there have been big savings available across Garmin’s range of watches. Two surprise deals have cropped up late in the month though, a $50 discount to be had on both the Garmin Venu 3 and Garmin Vivoactive 5.

Both watches are among the newest in Garmin’s range—the Venu 3 came out in August and the Vivoactive 5 in September, so getting any kind of discount is a surprise this Cyber Monday, and the Vivoactive 5 is now just $249.99 on both Amazon and Garmin.

Garmin Vivoactive 5:was $299.99now $249.99 at Amazon

Garmin Vivoactive 5: was $299.99, now $249.99 at Amazon

Save $50 All colors of the Vivoactive 5 are reduced by 17% in Amazon and Garmin’s Cyber Monday sale. The Vivoactive 5 is a great value sports-focused smartwatch, with an AMOLED display, music storage and NFC payments alongside the excellent sports tracking you expect from Garmin.

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The Vivoactive 5 is missing a few features compared with the Venu 3, such as a microphone and speaker and an altimeter, and it also has an older heart rate sensor than the Venu 3, which is $399.99 in the sales down from $449.99. The Venu 3 also comes in two sizes and has slightly longer battery life, but the core features are the same across both watches and the Vivoactive 5 is $200 cheaper.

Garmin Venu 3: was $449.99now $399.99 at Amazon

Garmin Venu 3: was $449.99, now $399.99 at Amazon

Save $50 Garmin’s top smartwatch only came out in late August so it’s a pleasant surprise to see it reduced at all this Cyber Monday. You can get $50 off the watch at both Amazon and Garmin, with both sizes and all colors of the watch available in the sale.

Neither the Venu 3 or Vivoactive 5 are true smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 9 or Google Pixel Watch 2, both of which have access to proper app stores and have cellular models in their ranges, but they do have key smart features and better native sports tracking through Garmin. 

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