I Run Five Times A Week And These Shorts Are In My Top Three

Lululemon Track That Shorts
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I used to think the perfect running shorts did not exist. If they have pockets, they ride up your thighs. If they don’t ride up your thighs, they’re see-through. If they’re not see-through, they’re uncomfortable.

I was about to give up, but was persuaded to try one last pair: Lululemon’s Track That shorts. I’d seen them praised by runners on TikTok and as I still hadn’t found the right pair for my upcoming marathon, I decided to click ‘buy’.

The Track That short is available in high- and mid-rise and you can choose from a three or a five-inch inseam. I opted for the mid-rise in five-inch length. The “designed for running” stamp in the description filled me with confidence that these could be the perfect addition to my marathon kit.

Lululemon Track That shorts in navy

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My Favorite Features Of Lululemon’s Track That Running Shorts

The make-or-break aspect of shorts is always going to be whether or not they ride up. Nothing, and I’m not being dramatic here, is worse than spending your entire run straightening out your shorts and dealing with the chafe that comes from this (while you’re here, check out some of my favorite anti-chafe creams). 

I know better than to wear brand new kit on a long run for its first outing, so I tried the shorts on a few three mile runs first. Miraculously, they did not ride up—not even a little. After a successful series of shorter runs, I wore them on both an 18-mile run and 14-mile run, and again, they stayed put. 

Not only did the shorts remain in position throughout every run, but as with all Lululemon products, they are high quality and feel comfortable. The lightweight material is soft on the skin as well as flowy and breathable. From the second I took them out of the packaging, the material felt higher quality than most of the shorts in my current rotation. 

Lois Mackenzie running a marathon wearing the Lululemon Track That shorts

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This was also my first pair of shorts with a continuous drawcord and I can’t help but think, why doesn’t every elastic waistband have this? Countless sportswear has been ruined by the drawcord getting lost in the fabric or being pulled out. They go into the washing machine fine, only to come out cordless. 

On to the second phase of testing: Design. Willing the Scottish summer to brighten up, I had purchased the shorts in Pastel Blue. On my 18-mile long run wearing them, I experienced what can only be described as the worst rain I have ever been out in in all my years of running. From stepping out the door to unlocking it again three hours later, the rain did not let up. Halfway through the run I remembered the color of my shorts, and felt mortified that they had probably become see-through in the soggy conditions. When I arrived back home I quickly ran to the mirror to see how much of my dignity had been lost, and I was pleasantly surprised. While the shorts themselves became quite transparent and you could see the skin of my thighs, the blue built-in liner was thick enough that despite being soaked by the rain, it was not revealing. Phew.

Lululemon Track That pre marathon

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Full price, these shorts are $68 in the US and £48 in the UK, although I purchased them on sale for £34. I don’t mind paying for items I know will be good quality (like these shorts), but I also kept an eye on the Lululemon website for some time after I purchased and at some point there was always at least one color on sale, a bonus if you’re looking to grab a bargain.

My only slight bugbear with these shorts (albeit very minimal) is that while they do have a pocket (hurray!), it is very small and quite tight. I am able to fit in one, maybe two at a push, High5 40g energy gels if folded and my house keys. My phone, an iPhone 13, does not fit inside the pocket. So, while these shorts do tick the “pocket” box, it’s worth noting that if you’re heading out for a long run or hike, you’ll need other storage, such as a hydration vest, too. 

After a few weeks of testing on training runs, on marathon morning I donned the Track That shorts with the rest of my favorite running gear. I can happily say these shorts were perfect for race day and carried me through the entire 26 miles seamlessly. 

Lululemon Track That Shorts worn by the author for a marathon

(Image credit: Lois Mackenzie / Future)

I’ve run in many brands of shorts before, with some of my favorites coming from the likes of Fabletics and New Balance, but after proving themselves on marathon day, the Lululemon Track That short is now very high on my list of favorites. 

If these don’t seem like your fit, Coach has tried and tested some of the best running shorts for women to help you find your new favorite pair. 

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