The Adidas Ultraboost Light Is Better Than Half Price In The REI Sale

Adidas Ultraboost Light
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The Adidas Ultraboost Light has only been out for a few months so to see it included in REI’s sale on some of the best Adidas running shoes is unexpected, and it’s even more surprising to see such a big discount on the shoe, which has been reduced by more than 50% from $190 to $94.93.

While the Adidas Ultraboost line is always one to look out for in sales, this is a far bigger discount than I’d expect so soon after the shoe's launch. Even though I don’t consider the Ultraboost Light one of the very best running shoes available, it’s certainly worth considering at this price.

Adidas Ultraboost Light: $190$94.93 at REI

Adidas Ultraboost Light: $190 $94.93 at REI

Save $95.07 The Adidas Ultraboost Light is a durable running shoe that’s also a good option to wear in the gym and for general use, since it’s a lot more stylish than most running shoes. At its full RRP it’s a hard sell because there are better running shoes available for less, but at less than half price in the REI sale the Adidas Ultraboost Light is worth considering as a comfortable daily trainer.

For one, it’s very durable—the Boost midsole and Continental rubber outsole are both long-lasting. You’ll get hundreds of miles of running out of the Ultraboost Light for sure, and that’s even if you wear it a lot outside of your training as well.

That’s another benefit—it is a stylish option that you don’t have to confine to the shoe rack when you’re not running. Men’s shoes in three colorways are included in REI’s sale, as well as one women’s shoe, and they’re all good-looking.

Man and woman running in Adidas UltraBoost Light

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When I tested the shoe for our Adidas Ultraboost Light review I also found it the best Ultraboost in several years for running, because it is substantially lighter than models like the Ultraboost 22.

The ride is not the softest or bounciest, but it is a stable and comfortable shoe for easy runs and it's OK for faster sessions too. It’s a reliable daily trainer, especially for newer runners who aren’t desperately seeking the speed gains of lighter shoes for their interval sessions.

One of the biggest problems I had with the Ultraboost Light in our review was its high price. At RRP it’s far more expensive than most cushioned running shoes, and there are better-value options for runners. 

Now it’s been knocked down to below $100 in the REI sale, however, it’s a very different proposition: A durable, reliable option that can handle a variety of runs while also being a shoe you can wear casually too. All of that makes the Ultraboost Light very good value, if you move fast enough to grab it in the sale.

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