Your Christmas Dinner In Doughnuts

An email recently arrived at Coach Towers from concerned reader Piotr regarding our regular “Life In Doughnuts” feature. Piotr was worried that by equating the calorie count of healthy food like tuna or oats to doughnuts, the message could be sent that they were as, or even more unhealthy, than everyone’s favourite glazed ring of fat.

Here at Coach we’re all about making things as clear as possible, so to confirm – the calorie count is not the only thing to think about when it comes to food. Oats and tuna might have similar amounts of calories as a doughnut, but those calories bring with them a boatload of goodness like protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Whereas a doughnut is just a delicious husk of badness. Now that’s all cleared up, let’s see how many doughnuts there are in a standard Christmas dinner!

How Many Doughnuts In A Christmas Meal?


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One doughnut = 217 calories

Serving sizes err on the side of modesty in our Christmas doughnuts round-up, so please adjust for your own appetite. Apologies if your Christmas food tradition doesn’t make the cut.

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Turkey (125g serving) = 76% of a doughnut; 188 calories. 


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Cranberry sauce (15g serving) = 14% of a doughnut; 30 calories. 


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Stuffing (50g serving) = 26% of a doughnut; 57 calories.


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Three roast potatoes = Two doughnuts; 435 calories.


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Brussel sprouts (80g serving) = 17% of a doughnut; 36 calories.


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Parsnips (100g serving) = 76% of a doughnut; 164 calories.


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Carrots (80g serving) = 16% of a doughnut; 34 calories.


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Four pigs in blankets = 70% of a doughnut; 152 calories.


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Gravy (50ml serving) = 6% of a doughnut; 13 calories.


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Bread sauce (83g serving) = 32% of a doughut; 70 calories.


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Christmas pudding (113g serving) = One doughnut and another 57%; 340 calories.


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Brandy butter (one tablespoon) = 32% of a doughnut; 89 calories.


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One mince pie = one doughnut; 217 calories.


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Glass of wine (175ml) = One doughnut and 70% of another; 341 calories.

Total: 2,166 calories = 10 doughnuts

Not as bad as Coach expected. Although, that's not taking into account breakfast, booze or cheese... 

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