Tried And Tested: 20 Microwavable High-Protein Meals Only £2.49 Apiece

Prepped Pots Smoky Chipotle Chicken meal in packaging on table. Text, in part, reads "high protein" and "two of your five a day"
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It’s almost impossible to achieve any health and fitness goal without a good diet, and meal prep services are an easy way to help you do that. Getting nutritionally sound meals delivered to your door takes away all the faff of planning, shopping and cooking.

The drawback is usually the cost because, as you might expect, getting all your meals prepared and delivered is not cheap. However, it’s perhaps cheaper than you think, especially if you take advantage of Prepped Pots’ welcome offer that gives you up to £30 off your first order plus free delivery.

Go for a 20-meal order and the cost is reduced from £79.80 plus £5.99 delivery to £49.80 all in, which works out at £2.49 a meal. That’s a quid less than most supermarket meal deals, and as much as I love a meal deal, Prepped Pots is the smarter buy. 

You can also save £10 on the 10-meal box, which is reduced from £39.90 to £29.90 (£2.99 a meal), or get 14 meals for £35.86 down from £55.86 (£2.57 a meal).

I’ve just finished testing Prepped Pots out for our best meal prep services round-up and I enjoyed every dish I tried. They are hearty, protein-packed dishes with a good range of options to suit different preferences, though meat eaters are catered to better than vegans, pescatarians and vegetarians.

The advantage of using a service like Prepped Pots rather than grabbing a load of supermarket ready meals is that it’s much easier to find healthy options that suit your fitness goals. Many ready meals are also laden with sugar and salt, and when you do find healthy options in shops they’re generally not as tasty as Prepped Pots meals, in my experience at least.

Once you select your plan you can pick all of the meals you want in your box, with 25 options available in the current range. You do have to sign up for a subscription to the service when you order, which involves getting boxes delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly, but it’s easy to cancel or postpone if your first order doesn’t convince you to stick with the service at full price.

Getting such a good discount on your first order makes it something you can use to help you kick-start a fitness regime, or just make your life a lot easier during a particularly busy period. If you’ve consistently found that eating a balanced diet is the trickiest part of a healthy lifestyle, then it’s worth trying Prepped Pots while this deal is available.

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Nick Harris-Fry
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