Should You Keep Eggs in the Fridge? And More Storage Questions Answered

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Ever since the first human took a punt and gobbled down an egg, the question has been asked: where to store them – fridge or cupboard? And eggs are not the only foodstuff to elicit such tensions. Coach investigates just how cold “a cool place” should be…


Storing eggs in a fridge means that any bacteria like salmonella will not multiply, but some argue that fridges ruin flavour. The British Egg Information Service recommend keeping them at a constant temperature below 20 degrees: easiest in the fridge.


Those fresh green leaves will not only wilt in record time when refrigerated, but they’ll also absorb smells from the food around them.


Wrapping your loaf in a plastic bag and popping it in the fridge will lead to it going stale all the quicker. Keep bread you’re going to eat within a few days on your counter, and freeze the rest to be thawed later.


Keeping coffee in the fridge exposes it to the perils of condensation and also allows it to absorb flavours from the food around it. Cool, dark, dry, airtight: these are the keywords for coffee storage.

Tomatoes and Ketchup

It’s all about timing with tomatoes. If they’re not ripe and you pop them in the fridge, they’re going to stay unripe. If they’re ripe already, they will spoil more quickly on the counter. With ketchup, follow the label’s advice and put it in the fridge.


Keep your vampire-deterrent close to hand and clear of the fridge, where it will spoil quicker and go soft. A cool, dry cupboard with room for air to circulate is the best to ensure your garlic stays in top condition.

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