Fresh Fitness Food Review

Fresh Fitness Food is healthy, tasty and convenient, but you’ll pay for the privilege

Fresh Fitness Food three meals daily
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Our Verdict

Fresh Fitness Food makes eating healthily incredibly easy and enjoyable, but the convenience comes at a high cost.


  • Daily meal deliveries in London
  • Bespoke nutrition plans
  • Tasty meals


  • Expensive
  • Daily deliveries only in London

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Freshly cooked meals, designed and prepared by experts to help you hit your fitness goals, delivered to you every morning. That’s the promise Fresh Fitness Food makes and after testing the service on two occasions I can say it absolutely delivers on that promise.

Whether you’re looking for a balanced diet to maintain good health, lose weight or pack on muscle, Fresh Fitness Food can help, and it caters to a wide range of dietary preferences. The meals are also genuinely enjoyable, which is far from a given with even the best meal prep services. The catch is the cost, but even that is reasonable given the service you are getting here.

Fresh Fitness Food meal

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Fresh Fitness Food: Price And Availability

Fresh Fitness Food’s service is available nationwide in the UK, with some exceptions for remote spots – you check your postcode is available at the start of the ordering process. Within the M25 you get daily deliveries, while elsewhere you get batches of meals on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The upfront plans cost from £23 a day (for three meals a day) if you order for 100 or 200 days, rising to £27 a day if you order for 10 days. A flexi plan allows you to order weekly and starts at £27 a day for three meals.

Meals in the cool bag

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Setting Up Your Plan

The order process is clear and effective on Fresh Fitness Food, with a step-by-step questionnaire that’s quick and easy to fill out. You start with your overall aim – fat loss or lean gains, both of which have you in a calorie deficit; balanced; or build muscle, where your plan puts you in a calorie surplus. 

You then choose your dietary preferences, which include low-carb, pescatarian, plant-based and flexitarian plans. You can also set the exact macros you want, if you are working to that level of detail.

Then you say how active you are, both in your day job and through exercise, including saying the types of exercise you mainly do. You also give some personal details, and can exclude foods – aubergine, in my case.

Then you select how many meals you want each day, from two to six (on the two-meal plan you also get snacks), and add a calorie surplus buffer where you estimate how many calories you’ll eat each day outside of the Fresh Fitness Food plan.

Fresh Fitness Food meal delivery

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Once your order is in, the meals will arrive, as if by magic, very early in the morning each day (in London) in a cool bag. Put that bag back where your deliveries arrive and it will be collected the next day when your next order is delivered.

The meals are delivered in biodegradable and recyclable boxes covered with a plastic film that can be recycled as well. You can keep the meals in your fridge for three days if not sticking to the exact plan religiously. All the details about the meals are on the box, and you can also see your meal plan online each day.

How I Tested This Meal Delivery Service

I have tested Fresh Fitness Food on two occasions. The first time I did a full two weeks with daily deliveries of four meals a day plus snacks and a protein shake, and more recently I did a three-day plan receiving three meals a day.

The Meals

The first time I tried Fresh Fitness Food I was on quite an intense training meal plan where frankly the amount of protein was overwhelming (240g a day, which was 3.5g per kg of my bodyweight), and the meals became quite samey during the two weeks. I ate enough white fish to last me a lifetime, for one.

Fresh Fitness Food has since changed its plans and recently I tried three days on the balanced plan, getting three meals a day that added up to 2,100 calories.

Fresh Fitness Food meal with prawns

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It takes two to three minutes to heat up the meals, many of which come with some kind of dressing you add afterwards. Kudos to Fresh Fitness Food for supplying liberal amounts of dressing, since this is often doled out in meagre amounts with delivery services, meaning the meals can be dry.

I prefer Fresh Fitness Food’s updated approach to meal plans, which seems easier to tailor to what I actually need, especially as a keen runner who doesn’t hit the gym a lot. I’m very active, but not in need of vast amounts of protein.

Fresh Fitness Food meal

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The meals from Fresh Fitness Food have always been reliably tasty, but I enjoyed them more on the three-day balanced plan, because the balance meant I wasn’t ploughing through two chicken breasts each meal, allowing room for more veg and other flavours. I’d still like a bit more in the way of vegetables, but the servings were adequate.

Having only tested three days of meals lately I can’t speak to the variety available now, but when doing the longer plan in the past I did find that certain ingredients cropped up far more regularly than others. Expect lots of rice, white fish and chicken, and don’t expect much pasta or cheese.

All the ingredients used seemed to be high-quality, especially the meat and fish, and while the breakfasts are a little less inspired than the lunches and dinners, I enjoyed every single meal I had on the three-day plan. I didn’t miss anything from my normal diet either – the meals are filling even on active days.

Fresh Fitness Food meal

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Is Fresh Fitness Food Worth It?

Any quibbles I have with the Fresh Fitness Food Service are minor, and there’s always the option to adjust the plan you’re on. It’s certainly a luxury, but if you can afford it it’s hard to overstate just how convenient it is to have healthy, tasty meals arrive at your door every morning. There are certainly worse places to put your disposable income.

Nick Harris-Fry
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