The New Adidas UltraBoost 22 Is Tailored To The Female Foot

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The immensely successful Adidas UltraBoost running shoes get an update every year and the next iteration will go on sale on 9th December. But this year the only significant changes are to the construction of the women’s shoe, because the UltraBoost 22 has been revamped to provide a better fit for women.

This has been achieved by an all-female team of designers, who used data from 1.2 million foot scans to identify key points around instep height, heel anatomy and gait cycle to create a better fit for women. This has resulted in changes like a narrower heel pocket, a shallower forefoot profile and a lower instep area.

As to the effect of those changes on feel and performance, we’ll reserve judgement until we complete our forthcoming trial and review. There is also a men’s version of the UltraBoost 22, but as we understand it, the only major updates made have been to the women’s shoe.

Apart from the new fit, the UltraBoost 22 sticks largely to the same formula as the UltraBoost 21, with a substantial stack of Adidas’s Boost cushioning and an exaggerated heel. The Liner Energy Push system in the midsole is designed to help ensure that, despite all that cushioning, the UltraBoost 22 still has a smooth and responsive ride. In our last UltraBoost review we found that combination worked to an extent, but it made the UltraBoost less of a comfortable cruiser while not providing enough “pop” to be truly versatile – an awkward combination that fell between two stools.


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The upper of the shoe has also been refined, and Adidas has used PRIMEKNIT+ yarn containing 50% recycled plastic in certain zones to create more structure and support around the foot.

Members of Adidas’s Creators Club will get early access to the shoe on 2nd December, so if you’re keen to get hold of the UltraBoost 22 ASAP you can sign up for free membership on the Adidas website.

The shoe will then go on general sale on the 9th December. It costs £165, which is a £5 increase on the UltraBoost 21 and is a fair chunk of change. though Adidas’s Boost foam is renowned for its durability, though, so you can expect to get a whole load of miles out of the UltraBoost 22.

Buy women’s from Adidas | Buy men’s from Adidas | £165

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