Get Guaranteed Entry To The Royal Parks Half Marathon By Raising Money For Charity In The Virtual Event

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The Royal Parks Half Marathon is one of the most popular events on the running calendar. In fact, such is the demand for race places that a ballot is used to allocate spots fairly and most people end up disappointed.

That means a way of getting a guaranteed spot in the event is a big deal and that’s exactly what’s on offer right now. There are two hoops you have to jump through, however. First, you have to run the virtual Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 11th April, and second, you have to raise £175 for charity by doing the virtual event.

Those hoops are good hoops, though. Running a half marathon event, even a virtual one, gives you a push to get out and run regularly, and the organisers have promised an app that provides visual and audio cues from the live event to create a great atmosphere for your virtual effort. You will get a special medal and finisher’s T-shirt for the virtual race too.

Naturally raising £175 for a charity is a great thing as well – especially right now, given the fundraising difficulties charities are facing owing to the lack of events taking place.

To enter the virtual race you can search for a charity partner on the Royal Parks Half Marathon website and then go to that charity’s website to sign up. Expect to pay a small signing-up fee as you commit to raising money for that charity.

Then it’s time to start training and fundraising. We have a range of half marathon training plans that can help you on the first front, and advice from past fundraisers to aid you on the second.

Once you hit that magic £175 mark and run the race, you are guaranteed entry into one of the next two live Royal Parks Half Marathons at the standard ballot price of £59. The next race takes place on Sunday 10th October 2021, COVID-19 restrictions allowing, and the following event will be in autumn 2022.

Nick Harris-Fry
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