Everything You Need To Know About The Love Trails Festival

Love Trails Festival
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Spend your days running and hiking through gorgeous natural landscapes, before whiling away your nights listening to live music and DJs with thousands of other adventurous, active types. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, then the Love Trails Festival is something you should know about.

What is the Love Trails Festival?

Love Trails is a three-day trail-running festival that also has live music each night, plus many other ways to get active including hikes, yoga and adventurous activities like kayaking. Each day there are casual runs and races, plus workshops and inspiring talks.

Love Trails Festival

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When is the Love Trails Festival?

Love Trails 2024 starts on Thursday 11th July and ends on Sunday 14th July, with the organized trail races taking place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Where is the Love Trails Festival?

Love Trails takes place on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. It’s an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with picturesque beaches and bays running all around the peninsula, which also has rolling hills and forests. The campsite for the festival is at West Castle Farm, in the grounds of Weobley Castle. The nearest city is Swansea.

Love Trails Festival

(Image credit: Anna Rachel Photography / Love Trails)

How much does it cost?

A standard Love Trails ticket costs £240. Along with four nights of camping (bring your own tent), the ticket includes access to an organized trail race (5K, 10K or half marathon) and a shower pass (very handy given how active you’ll be). There are also many other group runs, hikes and other activities you can take part in with your ticket, and it enables you to see the live music and DJ Sets.

You can get an upgraded ticket for £395 which also gives unlimited access to the races including the longer 25km and ultramarathon events, plus access to meets and runs with the festival’s headline speakers, and a more luxurious shower room pass.

What runs are available at Love Trails Festival?

There are four trail races at Love Trails—a 5K, 10K, 25km and 52km ultramarathon. The ultramarathon is on the Friday, and you can book into a multi-day event by combining it with the 25km, which takes place on the Saturday. The 10K is also on the Saturday, and the 5K takes place on the Sunday.

Along with these organized races there are many more group runs that are free to enter, with many put on by running crews. There is also a Beer Mile relay, where each member of a team of four has to down a can of beer before running 400m.

Love Trails Festival

(Image credit: Anna Rachel Photography / Love Trails)
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