Strengthen Your Abs And Obliques With These Upgraded Crunch And Sit-Up Variations

Man performs high cable crunch, kneeling on the floor, bent over, holding a rope cable machine attachment
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It’s well known that the best abs workouts consist of more than hundreds of crunches and that sit-ups alone won’t result in a six-pack. But that doesn’t mean these famous abs exercises don’t have a place in a gym-goer’s routine, and people who train regularly can tweak the movements to increase the challenge and get more out of each move.

This midsection-focused routine is a great example of that. It comes from level 3 personal trainer Oyinda Okunowo, who posts on TikTok under the handle Oyinda Fitness. And with just three movements, it’s a great routine to add to the end of your main gym workout.

You’ll need to be in the gym unless your home is decked out with fitness equipment. The workout requires a back extension machine and weight plate, a weights bench set to a decline and a cable machine.

Watch Oyinda Fitness’s Abs And Obliques Workout


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Okunowo prescribes three sets of the first two movements, with 10 reps of the oblique crunch and 12 reps of the decline sit-up per set, then four sets of 10 reps of the cable crunch.

If you’re training to achieve visible abs, you’ll need to spend as much time on your diet as in the gym. That’s because to reveal your abs, your body fat percentage needs to be at the very lowest end of the healthy range, and for the majority of people it’s hard to get there. Our guide to a six-pack diet outlines what it takes, but the short version is that you’ll follow a high-protein diet and stay in a long-term calorie deficit. 

It takes a lot of work and planning, but if you have disposable income the best meal prep services can make it easier by delivering all your meals and snacks, and enabling you to tailor your nutrition to your training.

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