Eight Supersets To Build Core And Glute Strength

Woman performing deadlift with dumbbells in gym
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We’re all busy, right? So having a strength workout you can turn to when you want to get results but don’t want to spend a minute or more resting between sets is handy. This workout from Heather Robertson, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, fits the bill perfectly.

The workout uses supersets, an efficient but challenging format that combines exercises into one longer set, keeping periods of rest to a minimum.

You’ll need a range of dumbbell weights to complete the workout, making it ideal for people who own a selectorized set—the best type of dumbbells for training at home in our opinion. Robertson uses a light dumbbell to add resistance to some of the abs and obliques exercises, then uses two heavier dumbbells for the deadlift and glute bridge, and an even heavier single dumbbell for the sumo squat

Robertson also uses a mini resistance band to increase the challenge for other leg exercises.

Get your equipment ready and then press play on this follow-along video. If you have a particular taste in workout music, cue up your preferred playlist too—Robertson doesn’t speak while performing the workout so you can mute the sound and not miss anything.

This is a challenging routine, but the beauty of choosing time over reps is that you can stop early if you reach failure and can’t perform another rep with good form. As you fatigue towards the end of the workout, remind yourself to brace your core before beginning the set.

Although Robertson includes a warm-up in the video (kudos), you may also want to pause the video and add these glute activation exercises.

To keep your home leg workouts fresh, add these dumbbell legs exercises to your workout schedule, and when you want to develop your muscular endurance, challenge yourself to complete this 500-rep dumbbell legs workout.

Lois Mackenzie
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