How To Do The Frog Sit-Up

Man performing butterfly sit-up
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Frogs can leap lengthy distances, are comfortable underwater and on dry land, and have no problem picking up princesses. Frogs rock, in short, and the frog sit-up is a better abs exercise than the sit-up if you want to make your abs work harder. 

That’s because the position of your legs means your hip flexors can’t do as much of the work, and as an extra bonus you can bring your torso further forward, increasing the range of motion. The result is that frog sit-ups are murder on the abs—in a good way.

How To Do The Frog Sit-Up

Man performing butterfly sit-up in gym

(Image credit: Alex Potemkin / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Lie on your back with your knees bent and the soles of your feet together so your legs form a diamond shape (this is the bit that resembles a frog, or if you can’t picture yourself as a slimy amphibian, think butterfly wings).

You can extend your arms behind your head, or keep them by your chest for an easier variation. 

Brace your core and use your abs to raise your torso, bringing your hands forward to touch the floor in front of your feet. Return to the start under control.

Frog Sit-Up Tips

It can be difficult to get into the right position if you’ve never done the frog sit-up before, and requires a significant level of flexibility to maintain correct form. If you’re struggling to get your thighs near the floor, try this stretch before you attempt the sit-up. 

Sit with your legs in the diamond position and your soles touching. Bring your feet toward your body while also applying gentle pressure to your knees to flatten your thighs to the ground. Practicing this stretch regularly will make the position for the frog sit-up come more easily.

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