Arundel Is The Most Relaxing Place In Europe To Take A Holiday

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Whether you’re lying on a beach, exploring a national park or taking in the sights of a new city, one of the main purposes of any holiday is to unwind and unburden yourself of the stresses of your everyday life.

So it makes perfect sense to look for places that are especially relaxing when planning a trip – and, according to TravelSupermarket, UK residents might not have to go far to find the most serene spots in Europe.

Arundel in West Sussex topped the Mindful Getaways rankings as the most relaxing place to take a holiday. Southwold, Suffolk, claimed the second spot with both destinations scoring 30 on TravelSupermarket’s mindfulness scale.

For those who are desperate to escape these shores, Skyros in Greece was third and Chamonix in France was fourth. Then it’s back to the UK, with Scotland’s Loch Lomond in fifth.

With all due respect to Arundel, you are by now probably wondering exactly what criteria could determine that it is a more mindful place to go on holiday than, say, the Italian island of Capri (11th).

TravelSupermarket based the ranking on three criteria.

  • The number of mindful activities like yoga and meditation on offer
  • The population density, with less crowded areas assumed to be more relaxing (hell is, after all, other people)
  • The number of spa and spa treatments available

These three rankings were each scored out of 10 and then totted up. Since they both scored 30, that means that Arundel and Southwold are not only the most mindful places in Europe, they are as mindful as it is possible to be! Just imagine how relaxed you’ll be when you get there.

Here’s the top ten destinations for mindful holidays in the UK and Europe. Start planning your next trip.

Top Ten UK Mindful Destinations

  1. Arundel, Sussex
  2. Southwold, Suffolk
  3. Loch Lomond, Stirlingshire and Dunbartonshire
  4. Ilkley, Yorkshire
  5. Cirencester, Gloucestershire
  6. Newquay, Cornwall
  7. Woodbridge, Suffolk
  8. Malmesbury, Wiltshire
  9. Brecon Beacons, south Wales
  10. Isle of Man

Top Ten European Mindful Destinations Outside The UK

  • Skyros, Greece
  • Chamonix, France
  • Ischia, Italy
  • Brač, Croatia
  • Ibiza, Spain
  • Capri, Italy
  • Fuerteventura, Spain
  • Grindavik, Iceland
  • Lagos, Portugal
  • Baden-Baden, Germany
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