Withings Expands Its ScanWatch Range With The New Horizon Diver Watch

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Though several brands now offer an analogue watch/fitness tracker hybrid, it’s Withings that remains the barometer of excellence in this category. The ScanWatch stands out as the clear option for those who want health tracking in an elegant frame – we even dubbed it the Best New Health Watch of 2020.

We like the simple analogue design of the original ScanWatch, but if you want a more luxurious look then the new ScanWatch Horizon might be more to your taste. Its design is inspired by diver watches and features a rotating stainless-steel bezel, and it backs up its look with 10 ATM water resistance so it can be used for watersports.

Just like the original ScanWatch, the Horizon packs an impressive amount of health tracking tech into its stylish frame. It can monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels, take an ECG, check for breathing disturbances during your sleep, estimate your VO2 max, and track your everyday activity and exercise.

There’s also a pretty beefy battery under the hood. The Horizon watch lasts up to 30 days on a single change, although you can expect that number to come down if you track outdoor activities using the connected GPS feature, which taps into your phone’s signal to track your location.


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On the 43mm face of the watch is a small circular screen which lights up when you turn it towards you. This displays your activity stats and you can navigate menus using the knob, selecting actions like starting a workout or taking an ECG measurement.


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More in-depth stats are found in the Withings app, which also explains in detail all the stats your watch is tracking so you can actually use the information to make your lifestyle healthier.

The ScanWatch is not a serious sports watch in the mould of the Garmin and Polar devices, but it does an excellent job of tracking everyday activity and will at least record your workouts. What really makes it stand out are its health-tracking feature and stylish design – and that design just got even better with the launch of the Horizon.

You can buy the Withings ScanWatch Horizon with either a blue or green watch face, and it comes with a silicone sports strap alongside the stainless steel one.

Buy from Withings | £499.95

Nick Harris-Fry
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