Train Like A Celebrity With These New Body Transformation Apps

Trainer in UP Fitness On Demand workout app demonstrates lateral raise exercise
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If you’re not already familiar with Ultimate Performance, it’s a personal training company stacked with excellent PTs that have helped devise the fitness routines of thousands of people across the world, including celebrities like Top Gun: Maverick actor Glen Powell and Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey.

UP Fitness PTs have helped our readers on many occasions by providing expert commentary on advanced training techniques such as back-off sets and negative reps, and now UP has distilled its years of experience into two new apps that can help you transform your fitness regime. We can’t promise you’ll look like Jonathan Bailey after using the apps, but we also won’t rule out the possibility.

UP Fitness Transform nutrition app on a smartphone held in a person's hand

The UP Fitness Transform app (Image credit: UP Fitness)

The two apps are called UP Transform and UP On Demand, and they work in tandem. UP Transform covers the nutritional side, creating an eating plan for you to follow and providing hundreds of recipes you can use to hit your targets. This healthy chicken fried-rice recipe UP Fitness shared with Coach is the type of meal to expect. The healthy eating app also tracks your calories and keeps you on track with weekly check-ins.

UP On Demand is the complementary workout app, covers the exercise side of your transformation, with 18-week progressive strength and conditioning programmes designed for men and women, and a huge library of on-demand workouts, including bodyweight sessions you can do anywhere without any equipment.

Along with workouts, UP On Demand also contains instructional videos to help you understand more about your training and nutrition, as well as guided meditation sessions.

You can get a 14-day free trial of UP Transform, after which it costs $9.99/£9.99 a month or $80.99/£79.99 a year. There is a seven-day trial of UP On Demand available, after which it costs $3.99/£2.99 a month or $39.99/£30 a year.

Download UP Transform on App Store and Google Play.

Download UP On Demand on App Store and Google Play.

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