The Waterproof On Cloudvista is Perfect For Winter Running And It’s Reduced By 20%

On Cloudvista Waterproof
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The advantages of having a waterproof running shoe to hand during the winter months cannot be overstated, especially when it’s a good-looking and versatile shoe like the On Cloudvista that you can use for a variety of runs, or just when you’re out on the town and want warm, dry feet.

Thanks to the REI sale, you can now pick up the Cloudvista for $135.93, a rare discount on an On running shoe, which I noticed were hard to find anywhere in the most recent Black Friday sales.

On Cloudvista Waterproof: $170 now $135.93 at REI

On Cloudvista Waterproof: was $170, now $135.93 at REI

Save $34.07 Only one color of the men’s shoe is included in this deal, but almost all sizes from 8 to 13 are available. The On Cloudvista is an all-terrain shoe that grips well on light trails while still being comfortable for road running, and the waterproof version will help keep the winter weather at bay during your training. 

I found the On Cloudvista to be a capable road-to-trail shoe during my testing, with the outsole being comfortable on road runs but then having the bite needed to grip on light trails. It’s not the best pick for highly technical trail runs, or very muddy ones, but if you plan on tackling a mix of roads and light trails during your running it’s a comfortable cushioned shoe that will serve you well on both.

As ever with On, you also get the bonus of the Cloudvista being a good-looking shoe you can wear when not running, and the waterproof version is particularly handy to have available for general use during the colder, wetter months.

The On Cloudvista Waterproof is a good alternative to the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Gore-Tex, though if you prefer the look of the Nike shoe you can get it for just $111.97 in the Nike sale.

Nick Harris-Fry
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